To My Teacher – Upon Realizing I Forgot to Write the Essay…

Dear Mrs. James,
Please make sure you are seated and are fully prepared to listen to my sob story as I try my best to persuade you:
When you notified our class of the due date for our first paper that was due last Friday, I tried my best to be an organized student and made a note in my agenda. Of course, being a teenager, my subconscious made a note to write the paper the night before it’s due. Unfortunately, for me, my subconscious is stupid and forgot to remind me, so more or less, I blanked. 
It was to my relief that come Friday, I found myself listening to your divine voice tell me you’ll allow the class to turn the essays in on Monday. I, (again), made a mental note to myself, and made a note in my agenda, to write the essay Sunday night. 
Come Sunday morning, I had every intention of writing the essay, hopefully to your liking. Around 9 AM, the girl that I’ve been seeing invited me over to her house to watch movies. I knew I’d be staying over late, because I’ve been wanting to make her my girlfriend, and wanted as much bonding time as possible. I am pleased to inform you that she is indeed, now my girlfriend. Not that you care, I just wanted to let you in on what happening in my life. 
Anyways, since I knew I’d been staying late, I told myself, “I’ll do do the essay on Tuesday night, and turn it in during conference on Wednesday (tomorrow), with a late pass!”. Unfortunately around 4 PM on Monday night, I found myself in my bathroom throwing up in my sink. I believe I caught a 24 hour virus that my brother had shaken less than a week previous to Monday. 
My dad thoughtfully allowed me to stay home on Tuesday, to help shake the sickness. Today, I spent 15 hours asleep, and the rest of the time in bed. I’ve stopped throwing up, and at the moment am feeling much better, but unfortunately it’s too late in the night for me to start an essay. I should be jolly as ever tomorrow, after tonight’s sleep, and will drop by during conference to discuss this with you. 
To wrath this up, I’m simply asking for another day to turn in my essay. Hopefully the thought that this high school student has learned some kind of lesson about procrastination, and its major negative effects on my work load, will help persuade you?
Think about it, and i promise I’ll never take advantage of you leniency again. 
A Real Student

10 thoughts on “To My Teacher – Upon Realizing I Forgot to Write the Essay…

    • When I talked to the student about it, I told him that if he wrote the same letter to Mr. Schneider (Lawrence), he might be made fun of… his response was that he knew his audience well, and so this particular email was tailored to me. If he wrote to Mr. Schneider, he would have used different tone, word choice and voice (three of the six traits of writing we go over for AIMS testing).

      I let him turn it in 🙂

  1. Obviously not what you asked for but this little writing might be considered by some to be an essay. Ya think?…What can I say, I’m on the kid’s side. I, too, was a major procrastinator (still am :)).

  2. Wow. That was awesome. I’m glad you gave him the chance, especially since he was so honest! His letter was very well written too! 😀

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