The Lost Art of Knock knocking

Way back in the day, I was at Bible study, and my friend Clam was talking about his time management troubles. He was all like, “I need to start getting up earlier.” He’s an engineer who has a flexible sort of schedule, so he can get to work pretty late, and it’s okay as long as he stays late.

Being the weirdo that I am… I was all like, “I’m going to send you a wake-up text every Monday morning.”

Other people at the bible study felt like a text might be nice and they wanted one too.

Therefore, I’ve been sending out a Monday morning text for a really long time. I exhausted all of the obvious texts like, “Who’s got a case of the Mondays?” and for the past six months or so I’ve been without much material.

This morning, I thought it would be awesome to send out a knock knock joke so that I could get the crowd involved and change up the pace a bit.

First of all, I probably should have thought of a joke before I sent out, “Knock knock!”.

Regardless, this is how the conversations went.

Katie: Knock knock!

Responder 1: Who’s there?

Katie: Katie

Responder 1: Haha I was responding to the knock knock.

Katie: I know πŸ™‚

Responder 1: Oh okay. Katie who?

Katie: Katie who is your monday morning wake – up texter πŸ™‚ yeah… it’s not that funny, but at least we know you’re awake now πŸ™‚


Katie: Knock knock!

Responder 2: Who’s there

Katie: Katie

Responder 2: How can I help you my dear

Katie: It’s the monday morning wake up text… πŸ™‚ I don’t need help. I was trying to be clever, but no one has understood just yet,so maybe I’m just a weirdo.

Responder 2: You are an odd ball but thats one of the many reasons I like you


Katie: Knock knock!

Responder 3: Come in!


Katie: Knock knock!

Responder 4: No


Katie: Knock knock!

Responder 5: who’s there?

Katie: Katie.

Responder 5: katie who?

Katie: Katie who is your monday morning wake-up texter and wishes you an excellent week! good joke, huh? you should know that you’re the only one who didn’t get really confused before we hit the punch line. well done! πŸ™‚

Responder 5: thats a great joke! hahaha


Katie: Knock knock!

Responder 6: Who’s there?

Katie: Katie.

Responder 6:


Responders 7 – 13 are MIA.

I’ll keep you posted with new responders, but regardless of what they send, I think we should all probably practice up on our knock knocking πŸ™‚


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