Regardless of the Outcome?

My philosophy with love and dating is this: I ask myself “Is he worth risking my heart on regardless of the outcome?”

I’ve only answered yes to this question one time in my entire life, which begs the question: who was the guy, and what made him worth it?

He’s a flawed sort of man who can’t seem to follow through when he tells you he’s going to show up at 5:00… so it’s best to plan on him arriving around 6:15 or not at all.

He’s the sort of man who has a past that disqualifies him from romance in a lot of girls’ minds.

But he’s also the sort of man who wants to save the world.

And he has a better heart than anyone I’ve ever known.

So when I was encouraged to tell him how I felt, my only concern was whether he was worth it… regardless of the outcome.


What if that’s the same question we should be asking about our churches?

Is it worth it regardless of the outcome?

I’d be lying if I said the answer is always yes – just like I’d be lying if I said that every guy is worth the risk.

Churches have their flaws, and sometimes you adjust your expectations to fit better with what the church really is… so that you don’t wait for an hour and fifteen minutes in tears. So that you aren’t imposing your expectations and priorities on a person or body that God already has expectations and priorities for.

Churches have histories that disqualify them from our consideration sometimes.

But they also want to save the world.

They have heart.

So… I suppose as individuals and as churches, we’ve got one true mission (that’s right, gotta use those sexy church words)…

Our mission is to be worth the risk.

regardless of the outcome.

Because excruciating vulnerability is required in romance and community… but it’s not quite so excruciating when the outcome is irrelevant. When the man or church is a good one that doesn’t come around every day, and when the vulnerability isn’t a fear of finding inexcusable flaws… but the fear of losing or never truly having something you know is good and true.

Here’s to being worth it regardless of the outcome.


3 thoughts on “Regardless of the Outcome?

  1. What matters is the journey, not the destination… None of us can predict the future, but we can make choices now, follow our hearts and give it our best shot.

    In the case of dating and relationships, though… I can’t really distinguish love/my heart and the outcome. I think it takes a tremendous amount of love on both sides to make a relationship work. So if it doesn’t work out, it usually means that the love wasn’t really there, or it was too weak. The journey pretty much determines the destination. Which is why I still don’t understand the concept of people breaking up after several *years* together… Either you’ve been happy, or you haven’t… People don’t change that much. I don’t know if churches do?

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