Sponsor Me, Please.

Hey – Readers. I’m about to ask you for money again, so if that makes you cranky, stop reading now and forget this post completely.

However, if you feel inclined to help start a youth homeless shelter, click on over to Arizona Youth Partnership’s Ragnar Relay page and read up on how awesome this non-profit is. Also, feel free to donate $10 by reading my runner profile and sponsoring me in the race. If you want to read up on why I love AZYP and Ragnar Relay, here’s a post I wrote back in December and one I wrote about my wonderful boss way back when I was an Abstinence Educator at AZYP.

This organization means a lot to me, and hope you’ll see donating as an opportunity to make a tiny difference in this world… by enabling other people to work hard for others who need help.

If you just came here to be entertained and read something about Jesus, and find it disappointing to find that I’m asking for $, here’s a video you should watch:

Much love,

Kathryn Leigh


5 thoughts on “Sponsor Me, Please.

  1. And we didn’t even have to break out the peanut butter m & m’s! Maybe you can eat some to celebrate when you finish your race 🙂

    God, please bless and multiply Katie’s efforts for you done in love. In Jesus’ name and for His glory – Amen.

    BTW, you are making me really want to get back running…so thanks. See, you’re encouraging me just by being you. Thanks!

  2. thought you’d get a chuckle out of this…all our talk of peanut butter m & m’s got to me. i bought some yesterday, and i thoroughly enjoyed them. they were so good i could barely share them with my hubby 🙂

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