The Worst of My Nightmares

It’s been a really long time since I’ve done a post with the visual aids, so here goes…

I have nightmares. All the time.

Sometimes they’re really bad and serious, but we aren’t going to spend time on those. I present to you images of nightmares that are really scary when I’m asleep, but puzzling or humorous after I wake up.

Nightmare #1 – The teeth falling out!

This nightmare never has a start to it. I’m always just all-of-a-sudden holding a tooth in my hand, wondering why it fell out.

My brain, of course, takes a trip back to the crazy, elementary school safety lessons when they told me to keep any teeth that fall out because the dentist may be able to stick them back in… they also told us to keep other body parts like fingers if they get chopped off. Therefore, my subconscious priority is to keep from losing my teeth. So inevitably, more teeth than actually reside in my mouth start to fall out.

And even more teeth fall out!

Then, the teeth inexplicably begin to split into pieces, and I think, The dentist would want me to keep all of the pieces! AAAAAHHHH! That’s when I really start to panic and usually end up on my hands and knees trying to keep all of the pieces of teeth organized while more teeth keep falling out. There’s also an unfortunate sliminess that makes the teeth slip out of my fingers and slide across the floor.

I read somewhere that this teeth falling out dream comes from a feeling of helplessness and chaos in life… like I can’t keep all of the pieces together and organized. Of course that’s ridiculous, though. I’ve always got my crap in order!

Nightmare #2: The Throw-up Monster!

I don’t know how old I was when I had this dream… judging by the house we lived in at the time, probably seven or eight. Basically, I heard one of my parents call to me from the back yard, so I went out to see what he/she wanted.

Then… Everything takes a turn for the worst!

Then, it gets really bad, because I’m so grossed-out by the monster that I throw up, making him bigger and more powerful! Oh no!

Nightmare #3: Velocoraptors on the Roof!

You know that convenience store in the movie Tremors? In the movie, there are these crazy, enormous worm things that come up from the ground and eat people, so everyone in a tiny town ends up on top of their roofs.

That movie is really scary, by the way – as is Jurassic Park.

Therefore, my final scary dream is a combination of those movies.

There are always people with me on the roof, but they are faceless and I’m more concerned with how the roof is shaking from the Tremors trying to figure out how to get us. See how my arms are out, aiding me in my quest for balance?

Okay… so the raptor doesn’t actually say anything, but I get the impression that’s what he’s thinking. Then he eats someone… usually my sister.

Most of my other nightmares involve me trying to keep Annabelle (my deceased Beast) alive under unfortunate circumstances. Sometimes there’s a mountain of snakes. Sometimes there are sharks in my bedroom. Every-once-in-awhile, I’m trying to carry her up a ladder to the top of a building that’s so tall, we’re above the clouds.

What do you have nightmares about?


8 thoughts on “The Worst of My Nightmares

  1. I am sorry about your nightmares. I did get a little laugh from the one about losing your teeth. Just from what I can tell here, you definately have it together, so no worries πŸ™‚ Love your drawings, too! So, you have these repeatedly? I think I may be the only person who hasn’t ever had a repeating dream/nightmare (is it odd that i feel a bit left out?). I have lots of weird dreams these days but not really any nightmares…I used to have them a ton as a kid, though. I would have different ones about being kidnapped or about someone breaking into our house. I was a pretty paranoid little girl…

  2. I have a reccuring nightmare that I told people that I would housesit for them, and then I forget. Then a few days after they leave, I remember and I freak out and run to their house. That’s when I find their dog is still alive. The panic moment is when I think about how their dog has been in the house for like 3 days. The nightmare always has a happy ending though. Does that count as a nightmare if it has a happy ending?

  3. Post more with visual aids, preferably ones with dinosaurs.

    Because I have sleeping problems, I have really weird dreams. They’re like bad aggregate LSD trips rolled into a non-stop bad joke.

    Last dream I had a unicorn kept turning inside out. One second normal, next there was an inverted horn hole with backwards eye lids. Yeah….

    I wish i could offer some insight on dreams and nightmares, or how to make them go away but unfortunately I can’t.

  4. Your first nightmare reminds me of Tommyknockers by the venerable Stephen King. Most of my nightmares reflect my most ghastly boring days, worrying about not remembering we need milk, or forgetting to go somewhere. But one of my colorful ones involves me standing on a riverbank, when two gigantic crocodiles climb up onto the shore and start chasing me up a hill of shale that immediately begins slipping out from under my feet. It is not recurring except in the sense that I am frequently reminded of it when I think of my last full time job.

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