Back to the Grindstone!

Ah, Dear Readers, I’ve had a lovely break from most of the responsibilities in my life and am glad/sad to be going back to work in just over twelve hours.

Lots of people ask us teachers what we do during our breaks off from work, which usually makes me quite angry because I sense an implication that teachers have too much free time, which is the opposite of the truth. However, I also think it’s become habitual for teachers to complain about their situations and they forget to be thankful for what we’ve got.

So… here’s what I did during my break:

I celebrated!

This is the first year I think I’ve ever been at a church that did advent – or possibly it’s just the first time I’ve paid much attention and gotten into it. Christmas Eve was my favorite service, because my church had our service at a place called Sanctuary Cove. It’s the spot I’ve gone to have wilderness time with out-loud talking to God for the past eight or nine years. The fact that my church just did that, without my prior knowledge, reminds me of how great a people Holy Cross is and how much I am blessed to live with them. Also, I got to wear a pretty purple hat that night because it was so cold, and the boy I may have a stage-2 crush on complimented me on it. 🙂 I got to hold a baby, and I let my advent candle burn for longer than all of the children, which is quite the accomplishment.

Other celebrations: Christmas Eve at Putney’s with the Whipp/Hilsts, Christmas Day with the Hilsts and others… including a walk to Circle K, Breakfast and a movie with the parents the day after Christmas, and a lovely White Elephant party at which I received a lady bug kite.

During Winter Break, I also wrote!

I’m still pretty jazzed about my current WIP, and hope to send it out to some alpha readers before the end of the month. 🙂 I’m much more confident in the writing than I was with my previous manuscript, but there are some BIG spiritual concerns since it’s probably for a secular YA audience, but with some deep questions about sin, romance, and risk. Who would’ve thought I could write an edgy YA?

During Winter Break, I rested!

That’s right. It is not lazy or idle to rest.

During Winter Break, I read books!

I finished a few dystopina YAs and a book about the church. I also took another stab at a Francis Schaeffer I’ve been working on for years… I got through the Reformation, with takes up thirty pages or so and is way too much like a text book than it should be.

During Winter Break, I looked for a place to live!

Shasta and I looked into renting a house, and ultimately decided not to. Then, today, we looked at several apartments, and I think we found the perfect one and I’m more excited than I’ve ever been for a living place.

Finally, during Winter Break, I devoted myself to time with God.

Although I’m really consistent with having quiet times, I’m not very consistent with what quiet time means… I go through phases of reading my bible before work and calling that enough. Other times, I try to memorize scripture, read books about God, pray, sing, watch sermons, etc… During the break, I spent time trying to be more consistent and complete. When I lived alone, I was able to spend impressive amounts of time with God every day. It’s the only time I’ve had a daily quiet time for longer than an hour EVERY day. Now, I’m shamed by that because it’s a good day if my quiet time is fifteen minutes long.

So, I’ve gotten more consistent and am finding relationships that allow me to talk and grow in community.


What did you do with the past three weeks? You may not have had a break from work, but hopefully it was a time of peace and joy for you.


Much love,



2 thoughts on “Back to the Grindstone!

  1. Your break seems quite awesome and productive.

    I vegged out playing video games (I mean from morning ’till afternoon) and playing The Sims. I upgraded the RAM of my computer… I’d like to say I did productive stuff like draw or read or write but that’s a lie. xD I did a lot of reading about faith, though, the past two nights, and I guess that’s productive.

    I also fell in love with The Riddler in Batman, despite his psychotic tendencies.

  2. I’m glad your break was restful and filled with the things YOU wanted to do. I rested too and read and wrote and spent time with the family. It was wonderful, relaxing and positively refreshing:)

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