So Adorable I Could Die!


2 thoughts on “So Adorable I Could Die!

  1. Here comes some real talk.

    I love Zooey Deschanel. I have for years. I love her band She & Him. I have no shame about saying that whatsoever despite my male gender. (if you liked this song you should totally listen to their albums by the way).

    If she walked up to me on the street and said “Oh, hey D.A., I’ve been checking you out a lot (don’t you dare smile) and I think we should get married. What do you say?” I would reply with the simple gesture of pulling out the official marriage license certificate and having her sign where appropriate. (Which I keep in my back pocket just in case such a situation would occur). Then we would live happily ever after and we would have beautiful musical babies that would travel the country singing songs about peppermint candies and gumdrops.

    She would even sing to me when I feel sick. And then I would magically heal in 30 minutes and I drink a hot cup of coco.

    Joseph Gordon Levitt is a cool dude. Fine actor. Accomplished amateur jazz/gypsy style guitar player. Member of the cast of one of my most anticipated films in recent years. Seems friendly and quite dapper.

    But if I find out he is possibly interfering with my 5 second wedding fantasy with Ms. Deschanel, then me and him have some business to discuss… and it will be a starring in a role made just for him. It’s a film called “I punch you in the face really hard for extended periods of time”. (It’s an art film)

  2. What about this… I’ll get a nice marriage license thingy to carry around in my purse, and the second Mr. Gordon-Levitt gets in your way, you just point him to me, and I’ll have him sign on the appropriate line(s).


    I not-so-secretly would BE Zooey Deschanel if I could, and sometimes secretly have bangs and darker-than-my-natural-color hair just to be like her.

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