About the Spirit

Here are some notable passages from Francis Chan’s Forgotten God:

“We are not all we were made to be when everything in our lives and churches can be explained apart from the work and presence of the Spirit of God,” (18).

“Empowering His children with the strength of the Holy Spirit is something the Father wants to do. It’s not something we have to talk Him into. He genuinely wants to see us walk in His strength,” (48).

“If you share about the Holy Spirit’s movement in your life, do you wonder what others will think about you? Are you afraid of getting ‘too much’ of the Holy Spirit and the possible ramifications of that? (Heaven forbid you gain a reputation for being weird or immoderate!),” (52).

“Even if you can imagine anything beyond the ages, you will discover that the Spirit is even further beyond… St. Basil the Great” (63).

“There are things about God that are mysterious and secret, things we will never know about Him,” (65).

“As members of God’s kingdom community, each of us is given a manifestation of the Spirit in our lives for the purpose of the common good. We all have something to offer because of what the Spirit gives to us,” (76).

“How much do you care? The Holy Spirit has given you a supernatural ability to serve the people God has placed around you. If God cares enough about His church to give you this Spirit-empowered ability, shouldn’t you care enough about the church to use that gift for the same purpose?” (86).

“Please don’t let this reality slip past you like an interesting piece of trivia that might catch your attention for a minute but that you’ll never take the time to really investigate. You are a temple of the Holy Spirit,” (111).

“Jesus suffered a grueling death so that I could have the amazing gift of the Holy Spirit. How dare I take this for granted?” (111).

“…if we never pray audacious, courageous prayers, how can He answer them? If we never follow Him to positions where we need Him, how can He show up and make His presence known?” (150).

“Often in Christian circles we talk about truth in lieu of applying it to our lives… The truth is that greater knowledge does not necessarily equal greater spirituality,” (156).

“As a church, we tend to do this to people who are passionate and bold. We mellow them out. Institutionalize them. Deaden them to the work that the Spirit is doing in them,” (162).

“…whatever it means, we ask for Your presence. Come, Holy Spirit, come,” (166).


4 thoughts on “About the Spirit

  1. I agree with and love everything in this post! I need to read this book. Thanks for sharing this, Katie.

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas full of the love, peace and joy that IS Jesus!! šŸ™‚

    • Francis Chan makes me reconsider things every time I read him or listen to one of his sermons. He’s pretty much the most wonderful combination of adorable, joyful wisdom I’ve ever seen.

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