What’s a Pan Flit?

I can’t help it. I’m grading papers, and this cracked me up:

“Women like Marie Stopes and Margaret Sanger that sat out with pan flits informing the public about birth control was arrested for distributing pornographic material when trying to thelp the public.”

Believe it or not, this sentence doesn’t bother me. Forget the subject/verb disagreement we’ve got with “Women… was”. What’s a Pan Flit?


My students crack me up.


7 thoughts on “What’s a Pan Flit?

  1. I started laughing out loud when I finally figured out what your student meant by pan flits. I was really slow getting there, but it truly did give me a good laugh which was sorely needed after reading your prior blog about your days of depression and the crazy, deeeemonic day you had at school. Your purpose in life right now has to be to teach your student how to say and spell pamphlets.

    I reallly love the snow now that I’ve figured out I’m not suffering from a visual problem!

  2. i was wondering if there was a misspelling and they meant to write Pan Flutes;

    “…sat out with pan flutes informing the public about birth control…”

    happy holidays to you from new england

  3. oh wow – I had EXACTLY the same thing… for my Grade 8’s Health assessment task, they were required to create a pamphlet on one of various listed lifestyle diseases. I am currently marking them, and I just pulled out one which has, in capital, bold letters as the heading: ‘PAN FLIT’ and all the way through he refers to his informational ‘pan flit’… I decided to google ‘pan flit’ just to see if such a phrase actually exists & found your post.

    hahaha I guess some bad spelling is universal!

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