Oh Bother!

I’ve started no less than 5 posts this week that aren’t good enough to publish!

This sort of thing happens from time-to-time, and I suspect it’s happening now because I’m working so hard to generate new content in the fiction arena and don’t have any thoughts left to post here on the blog.


That being said, perhaps it’s time for a freewrite.

Ready Go!

I’m currently listening to Nickelback’s “Rockstar”, which is one of my favoritest songs of all time. I’m not sure why I love it so much, but I do.

The main thing on my brain right now is my WIP (Work in Progress) for Nano, and it’s a super-challenging thing to write in comparison to my previous project, and therefore, it probably has a lot more potential. Also, I’ve completely gone off of my outline, and I’m not entirely sure how the story ends. Part of me believes that it’s a horrible, tragic ending that will thrust me into the most widely banned book list if it ever gets published. I think if we’re true to reality, things end badly equally as often as they end well. Also, part of me believes the story will only have the impact I’d want it to have if it was tragic and I also think it’s easier to do well with a stand-alone work if it’s really shocking.

Who knows?

Either way, I’m going a little bit crazy with this story, loving my characters and trying to be true to real life. There’s so much more responsibility when you can’t just fix your plot problems with something supernatural.

I secretly want to post a complete synopsis of my WIP right here, right now, because I’m SOOOOO in love with it right now. Only – it’s probably better for me to write the thing rather than gushing over it on a blog. It’s just… my previous writing experiences have been ridiculously self-indulgent and unmeaningful. I’ve done MG fantasy, girly contemporary YA, and epic fantasy, but this is my first manuscript that really could matter. It’s the first solid idea I’ve ever had that I’m truly hoping will get published so that other people will have it. I want them to read it and see that they aren’t alone. Which is weird.

Have you ever thought about that?

Most of my writing in the past has been all about what interests and entertains me. I’ve written stuff that’s fun, but nothing about anything real.

Maybe I’m growing up and becoming a real writer. What do you think?

“We all just wanna be big rock stars…”

Lisa’s here! She’s my coffee date, so I’m gonna stop writing now.


3 thoughts on “Oh Bother!

  1. You definately have things worth writing about. I am so excited for you, Katie, and I look forward to reading whatever you are working on 🙂 I pray right now that God will guide you in this and help you to write this story! He has big, wonderful plans for you, my friend. Love in Christ, wordprocessor

  2. I imagined you saying “Oh, bother!” with a slightly English accent not dissimilar from that of Pooh. I’m also really excited about my manuscript, and I feel so COOL when I call it a manuscript because then I do feel like a grown-up writer…

    Just something about it.

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo, then; after spending so long getting to my humongous word count, I don’t feel like writing again for a while. I’m letting it stew for a bit.

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