The Story I’m Living… Minus Prince Edward Island

Last year, I pretty much never went home. I’ve written a couple of times about how I was crazy overwhelmed with work, church, friends, writing, training, etc… and then, I’d come home and my roommates wanted to talk and I’m just not the same kind of girl they are. For a year or so, I talked to them every time they wanted to talk and wore myself out. My strategy for coping with this quickly became just never going home, and therefore, having time when talking wasn’t required.

This year, I’m trying a new tactic: I’m trying to go home and not talk. My plan has been to watch DVDs so that my roommates are welcome to bond with me, but the talking will be minimized.

So far, I’ve watched seasons 1 & 2 of CHUCK, which I thoroughly enjoyed – especially the details like the Y: THE LAST MAN poster on Chuck’s wall and the DEUS EX-MACHINA comic he reads 🙂 True nerds must have been involved in the writing. Then, I moved on to ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, which I remember my parents renting from Blockbuster when I was little; I never read the books – a circumstance I intend to mend PRONTO… see how I already bought the book and have it sitting there next to my grande 3P, N, WC, WM? but as I re-watch the films, I can’t but marvel at the parallels between my life and Anne’s, and wonder if my subconscious was secretly trying to become Anne with an ‘e’.

Thing #1: I’ve wanted to be a teacher since 4th grade (possibly about a year after I saw ANNE OF GREEN GABLES the first time).

Thing #2: I desperately want to be an author – oh, to publish a book and dedicate it to those I love. I cried when I got to the part when Anne reads Gilbert her dedication to him, Matthew, and Marilla. I can think of no better way to honor those who’ve adopted me into their families, honestly critiqued my writing, and loved me.

Jonathan Crombie as Gilbert Blythe in Anne of ...

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Thing #3: I can’t imagine a man better than Gilbert Blythe or a better romance than the one that starts with an insult followed swiftly by a slate smashed in uncontrollable wrath. I want a man to adore my silliness and rescue me from it when necessary. I want the one I should have always wanted because he’s good, faithful, patient, honest, gallant and, in all other ways, perfect.  I know that Gilbert Blythe isn’t a real man – and I definitely want a real man – but there isn’t a more desirable beau in the whole history of the world. He’s dreamy.

Thing #4: I’ve always planned to start a career and life full of travel and sparkle, but eventually discover that I want the boy-next-door and home. I’ve wanted to choose marriage rather than have it by default… and glory halleluiah! I think I may finally trust that marriage is a beautiful thing and a desire of my heart. Did you notice how many singles there are in Anne of Green Gables? Of course, we’ve got Matthew and Marilla, but then there’s also Diana’s rich aunt, Katherine – the cranky principal Anne works for at the ladies’ college, that other guy (who doesn’t hold a candle to Gil) who proposes to Anne… I can’t think of any others, but L. M. Montgomery did a magnificent job of depicting the whole gamut of singleness. That has to have impacted my thoughts and desires.

Thing #5: I occasionally disregard that which is a good decision for that which nourishes my pride. Remember when Anne fell off the roof because she was doing something to show up the other girls who wanted Gil’s attention? Well.. I may have fallen flat on my laurels after jumping off a balcony to get a boy to notice me. 🙂 I’m just saying… there could be a connection.

Thing #6: I may occasionally believe my name quite distinguished because it’s spelled with a ‘y’… Katherine and Catherine are terribly ordinary, don’t you think?


Have you ever thought about the way that literature shaped you?

More than two years ago, now, I read a Donald Miller book about story. He presents the idea that people make life choices based on which character they want to be and which story they want to live…

The story I choose is Anne of Green Gables. Which story are you living?


4 thoughts on “The Story I’m Living… Minus Prince Edward Island

  1. *I Always wanted to name a daughter “Kathryn” with your spelling — I’ve known two in the real world, and they are both amazing.

    *Good luck with #5…I hope your pride breaks a little quicker than Anne’s 🙂

    *Whether I decided this consciously or not, my life appears to best mirror that of Valjean from Les Miserables. Given the unexpected gift of grace, my heart breaks for the least. I feel like “law” is constantly chasing me, forever bewildered and obsessed with my irrational actions. But I will always be pay my privilege forward to the single mother and the orphan, rather than resting in the comfort of my own physical freedom.

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