Film and Theology


I just happened across the COOLEST thing ever!

I’ve been following the Mars Hill Church blog for quite awhile now. I listen to a few sermons from Mars Hill every month, and I learn a lot from all of the free resources they make available online. If you haven’t checked them out, I recommend that you do.

…especially since I just found a super-cool resource they offer that I previously didn’t know about: their film and theology resources.

Mars Hill evidently has these awesome event things where they get together, watch a movie, and talk about how the story in the movie mirrors emotions, hopes, truths, and other aspects that go along with the gospel.


The only installment I’ve listened to goes along with the movie INCEPTION, which is one of my favorite movies ever.

And you know what I love about the idea of film and theology?

I love the joy you hear and even feel in the background of the audio, I love what it communicates about joy in God, and I love how this resource combines joy andΒ  intellect that I, personally, struggle to combine in my relationship with God. I also love how it respects story. As a writer and reader, I understand my entire world through story, and I think, to some degree, so does everyone. There’s something inside of us that reaches out, empathizes, and lives vicariously through story. If not, why did God fill the Bible with stories?



8 thoughts on “Film and Theology

  1. I really enjoyed your last paragraph on this post, Katie. I like your point about the Bible being full of stories & how that can be used for good in film.

    My husband & I went to Mars Hill Bible Church in West Michigan for years, where Rob Bell is pastor. Have you heard of it? I thought that’s what you were talking about when I first read your post – it threw me for a loop! πŸ™‚

    • I have heard of it – mostly because I read VELVET ELVIS.

      That’s so cool that you went there. What was it like? I’ve been to big churches, but I suspect Rob Bell’s fame (and recent controversial book) draw pretty big crowds.

      • Yes, it’s a huge church. 3 (of the same) services every week and the auditorium fits I think around 2,000 people? *not sure*

        It’s hard to gauge how many people his notoriety draws, b/c the church started before he was so “well known”. And I haven’t been there in over 6 years. He just announced he’s resigning & moving to CA, so I am curious to see if the church will survive that.

        His preaching was a good thing in my life. But needs change & we moved on. πŸ™‚ Our good friends still work there & love the church, so they’re probably pretty sad to see him go.

        Did you read his latest book? I haven’t yet, but I’m not sure I’d sign up for his fan club. Ha.

        • I have not read it – although I think I probably will. There was SO much controversy about it when it came out that I didn’t want to know what was in it. However, I love Francis Chan and he recently published a book that responds to Bell’s book, so I think it’ll be interesting to read both sides.

          I probably won’t be joining Bell’s fanclub any time soon either, but I’m not as fiercely angry at him as some of my friends are. It seems weird to me that they could be so opinionated about a man they’ve never met and a book they’ve probably never read.

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