The Joy of the Onset of Fall

Tucson doesn’t exactly do seasons.

We experience summer more fully than most, but the rest of the seasons blur together in a painting of brown with sprinkles of dead-looking green. Of course, we also have blue skies, but that’s about all of the color we desert-dwellers expect out of the year. The changing of colors in the fall is a shift from dead-green to brown or dead-yellow. Winter continues on with the dead colors or a complete barrenness. We don’t experience orange or red the way that other people do, and we certainly don’t experience the white of snow falling on Christmas day.

I’m okay with that.

I’m not a huge fan of the cold or any such nonsense.

I am, however, more myself when fall rolls around in Tuscon.

I may not like the snow, but I love me some tall, warm boots and hot coffee.

So… now that the temperature has taken a sudden turn for the pleasant in my neck of the woods, I thought I’d give you a pretty list of the joys I’m embracing with the onset of fall. 🙂

1. The joy of smelling like a girl… there is no way to smell like a girl in 110 degrees.

2. The joy of my jedi sweater. I have a sweater thing that makes me feel a lot like a jedi. It’s not quite long enough, but if I stand with the sun behind me, my shadow only lacks one thing in life: a bright-orange lightsaber.

3. The joy of Nanowrimo! November is National Novel Writing Month, and I’m making it a tradition to start a new project every year during November.

4. Along with the joy of Nanowrimo clings the joy of coffeeshop writing. In order to write 50,000 words in a month, a girl’s gotta join some other people for a write-in, stick her headphones in, and put words to page. Isn’t this time of year wonderful?

5. Along with the joy of coffeeshop writing clings the joy of the pumpkin spice latte and hot drinks in general 🙂 Gotta go with the iced drinks during the summer, but with the onset of Fall, comes the freedom to go hot. YESSSS. REAL coffee.

Who could ever ask for more than a hot vanilla latte?

6. The joy of tall boots… It doesn’t make any sense to wear anything other than flip-flops in Tucson summer, but I definitely wore my 3-inch sexy boots all day on Friday!

7. The joy of sleeping well. In the summer in Tucson, it’s really expensive to achieve the perfect, burrow into the warmth of a comforter-that-fights-off-nighttime-coldness. That sort of cold can only be achieved by breaking the bank to air-condition the heck out of the house, which I did when I lived alone. I couldn’t very well force my roommates to overextend their wallets, though.

8. The joy of holidays! I’ve always loved Halloween, but last year also made me love Christmas for 5th? 6th? annual white-elephant party with my Crossing family, 3rd annual Winterhaven hot chocolate event with Eucalyptus Biscuit, and possibly the 2nd annual Hilst/Whipp/James relaxed Christmas day (hopefully with a walk and a reading of The Christmas Carol).

9. The joy of fall break. I get a week off of teaching at the end of the first quarter, and I’m visiting my grandmother in North Carolina like I did last year.

10. The joy of runnable temperatures… I’m doing a half-marathon in December, and it’s significantly more possible to train in this joyous season.


9 thoughts on “The Joy of the Onset of Fall

  1. Very nice! 🙂 I love fall as well. We have gotten some relief here in SC but not near enough!! haha! That’s awesome that your going to NC! You will be able to enjoy the fall colors. I have family in Asheville. Take care!!

  2. Fall is bittersweet in Minnesota; I love the colors and the crisp air, but having to drag out the sweaters (or in your case, the mini-Jedi robe) when I only put them away four months ago is a little sad. On the other hand, we only had a couple of weeks this summer where hot coffee or tea seemed inappropriate. NaNoWriMo! My third year! Have no thoughts at all on what to do this year but it is always a worthwhile endeavor. I take off my hat in honor of you and the other full-time employed people who do this…your achievement is much greater than mine.

  3. Yes to all of this! I am so excited for fall to be here. It’s insane! 😀 I so very much want it to be cold enough that I can curl up with a sweater on and a pile of blankets and a cup of hot coffee and have my window open to listen to and watch the rain and just sit there and read or write for a few hours.

    I hope your trip to NC goes well this fall! I love NC, it’s so beautiful there. 🙂

  4. I love fall for mainly the same reasons — hot spiced drinks, seasons, better moods, better weather; and around my middle-of-nowhere house, when things get cooler, some grass actually shoots up in my yard and the trees turn nice and green. Nothing like the warm-colour symphony of the Midwest, but at the same time, I don’t have to wait for a late bus in sub-zero weather anymore. I was also going to compliment your boots but decided against it as it would have been awkward.

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