My Very First Vlog

That’s right! For the first (and possibly only) time at STILL GROWING, you get Kathryn Leigh in the flesh.

Basically, I picked a topic that I was planning to write about, and talked about it instead.

By the way, preparing a vlog is really weird and fun. I know that I was wordy and probably should have added a soundtrack or something (I know it’s boring to watch 6+ minutes of a person talking), but still, I hope you’ll watch.

And please don’t abandon STILL GROWING because you like written Katie better than real-life Katie.

And forgive me for acting like I’m a professional. I didn’t don’t know how formal to be.


So… question: are you a different person in writing than you are in-person?


14 thoughts on “My Very First Vlog

  1. Maybe I’m just special or somethin’ (wink), but I think you’re the same Katie. Granted, you are able to speak your mind more freely and with more complete thought, maybe, in writing, but I still think you’re the same. 🙂

    Good thinking on critique…I am realizing I do get insulted/offended when criticized (in one area specifically, over others) and I’d love to have your attitude towards it instead. And hedges! Wow, so true. Let’s talk about this more over coffee next. Thanks Katie!

  2. Love it!

    Katie, so often you write/verbalize things that I think but haven’t really put together yet. Although I don’t consider myself a writer, I love that writing gives me an opportunity to edit and really think through what I am going to express. I write at work all the time, and I wish all my interactions with people were in writing. Then, I wouldn’t say stupid things all the time. 🙂

  3. I don’t always watch video blogs…

    But when I do, I prefer it when the vlogger uses the phrase “pussyfooting”.

    So when you were recording this did you feel like you were talking to yourself? Or did you try to imagine people were there, watching you? Either way it seems like it would be terribly uncomfortable. But you still did a great job!

    At least I think you did a great job. Like I said earlier, I only watch videos if the words “pussyfooting” or “sociolinguistics” are thrown around. So I don’t really know what video logs are supposed to look like.

    Since I’ve never met you/heard you before your internet debut I will let you know something that slightly disappointed me…

    This was not filmed on location at a Starbucks.

    Shame. On. You.

  4. Aww, Katie, I miss you! It was so good to see your face and hear your voice! You look fantastic by the way. =) I loved your thoughts on writing and boldness. I can think of 4 times in my life where I have written letters to express my feelings/emotions/ “tough stuff”, to someone. I always feel it helps because I am able to say everything I want to say without the worry that I will forget something or not be able to express myself “on the spot”. I once wrote a 10 page letter to a friend that was much needed, and I don’t think I would have ever been able to do it face-to-face. Thank you so much for you video blog, you should do more, I miss your smiling face! xoxoxoxo jo

  5. who knew there were so many katies?! the more katies, the better, i always say…well, i’ve never said it before, but i think i’m going to start now. and, i’d really love to meet softball katie. she sounds fun! seriously though, i love the vlog. i think it’s pretty bold of real-life katie to put a video on blogging-katie’s blog, so yay for you!
    writing is a great opportunity to write what we really think without worrying about other’s feelings like we do in conversations. it’s sort of a place to “vent” – to let it all out. at the same time, (esp. since i’m usually writing what i’m processing w/God) i always want to honor Him by speaking the truth in love…which i think is something you were talking about, too. i never want to let my opinions come out in ways that wound others. a good reason to pray constantly for God to give us clean, pure hearts. our hearts are the source of everything that comes out of our mouths (or on our blogs :)).

  6. P.S. To give my honest, bold, blog opinion, I think you should do vlogs more. It’s really good.
    P.P.S. I wish I were in the same town and could meet you and radicalpursuit at the coffee shop 🙂

  7. Shasta – I heart you more!

    Lori – I still say stupid things all the time… I wonder how much more stupid stuff I’d say if I didn’t write. 🙂

    Bancroft – I felt really weird saying “pussyfooting” but I couldn’t think of anything else in the moment. I almost went back and edited it out because I felt so weird. Also, I felt super awkward trying to look at the camera. I felt a lot more comfortable just reading off of my notes or staring at the table.

    Filming at Starbucks would have been really weird, because I’m sure the other people would have stared.

    Jordan – I miss your smiling face more!

    Wordprocessor – Coffee shops are amazing! If you’re ever in Tucson, feel free to drop me a line and we’ll figure something out.

  8. Fascinating, Katie!

    To your question: my friends are typically surprised when they read my writings that so much “normal” insecurity is going on under the surface, even though I regularly discourage the “Superman” impression. Apparently, I am viewed in person as bold, confident, and rocksteady. My co-workers (regardless of the job) tend to see me as unshakable, which as you have read is clearly not the case.

    Does this mean I’m emotionally dishonest in person? I don’t know…I think I part of the confusion is that my foundation is fairly strong regardless of my doubts, so when I express my doubts as dramatically as I do in my writing, I experience a lot of misunderstanding in person. People come to the conclusion that I’m on the verge of abandoning my faith, when in reality my faith is strengthened by placing every thought on the table for spiritual evaluation, even the less savory ones.

    This seems to be more acceptable in writing, as readers are less likely to jump to fast conclusions, whereas some dude is waiting to have the next word in person. I can get genuine feedback to my doubts (hopefully) and filter those that would be quick to offer simplistic (okay, annoying) answers to questions that I’m posing to God Himself and for whoever He may give a Spirit-led word.

    So I write to avoid the frustration of misunderstanding. This kind of sucks, because I would love to be as crazy vulnerable in person, if I didn’t think I would be confused for a heretic by asking the questions in my head. I once laughed and cried bigger than anyone as a child — junior high has a way of killing those sort of extremes. But God’s working on it.

    I guess that’s a long answer to a yes or no question 🙂

  9. Yes Katie, I am different as Writer Lori than real life Lori. I have people who have known me for a long time comment on my vulnerability when I write…especially when I write about what’s been troubling me. I think that people view me as this put together mom, wife and friend when there are times I struggle just as they do. Actually, my writing has given people who know me an opportunity to see more of my heart and passion. It’s actually improved some of my relationships:)
    P.S. Loved your first VLOG!

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