Cognitive Process vs. Experience

Cognitively processing truths is not the same as experiencing the living God.

Divine stirring of the Holy Spirit in a person’s soul is the ONLY catalyst and driver of transformation.

God is inexplicable.

My relationship with Him is

too deep,

too fulfilling,

too joyous,

too humbling,

too impossible,

too graceful,

too overwhelming,

too consuming

for cognitive explanation.


4 thoughts on “Cognitive Process vs. Experience

  1. AMEN! Really like this. A friend said this to me last week (and was maybe quoting someone else): “What my mind cannot grasp my heart will embrace.” So true! More and more I think it’s not about understanding so much as believing and loving God – living in the wondrous, indescribable relationship we can have with Him through Jesus. THANK YOU, LORD!

  2. Just looked up cognition (yes, I am a total dork). It is “the act or process of knowing or perceiving”.The only One I want to know is our Lord, and the only way I can know Him is by having His Spirit within me (Prov. 9:10). Everything is a gift from our Father who loves us. His goodness really is beyond all comprehension.

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