Being in the House of my Childhood

I’m house-sitting for my parents again – something I’ve been looking forward to…and yet it’s a little weird to be back in my childhood house, living there all like a grown-up.

One of the things I’ve been excited about is doing laundry. You see, I’m one of those people who can’t seem to get any housework done when other people are around. I don’t know why, but housework just seems very personal to me. So… house-sitting gives me a lot more alone time than I usually get with two roommates, and I get to do all of my laundry, cooking, dish-washing, etc…

But, let’s be honest, I never did those things when I lived here.

Part of the reason is that I never really knew how things were done. I always felt like I was trying to put together a bookshelf without a manual – even though I could do it, and the shelf was probably fine, I was haunted by a constant feeling of doing it wrong.

That’s how I felt about housework. Also, though, I just never saw a reason to do it. I didn’t really value having a tidy home. I’d never lived in one, and the only one I ever visited was my grandmother’s, which didn’t quite feel homey to me.

Point: it’s weird to be excited about housework in the house where I was constantly getting yelled at for not doing it.

I was an impressively low-maintenance child, I think.

I did what I was told, got good grades – even took a few AP classes, entertained myself, made my own meals, and basically made myself into what others wanted me to be.

BUT… I didn’t help out at home at all.

That’s right. Not. At. All.

I didn’t do dishes, vacuum, clean the toilet, take out the trash, pick up doggydoo. I eventually started doing my own laundry, but that didn’t much help my mom who did everything else.

But now, I’m really excited that my mom has this perfectly enormous sink for dish scrubbing and soaking. In fact, I did the dishes yesterday and two loads of laundry. I also took out the recycling and cooked two full meals.



4 thoughts on “Being in the House of my Childhood

  1. So…wait.

    You are currently scrubbing sinks and dishes. Doing laundry. Picking up “doggydoo”. And this isn’t your home?

    Now, I guess it’s kind of cool that you’re excited to experience something that you haven’t done before in a place that you lived in for so long. But I’m getting really concerned about your parents.

    Do they not do the dishes/cleaning/poopoo pickup anymore?

    Is this empty nest syndrome for your parents? is this their way of saying “We are free. We can now have less responsibility!”

    Maybe I’m looking too deep into this. But that’s the norm when i read your stuff…I always go too far.

    • šŸ™‚ The house of my childhood was never (and still isn’t) super clean. The house is currently undergoing a make-over, with new paint, cabinets, floors, etc… so that’s messy. Also, my dad is a bit of a hoarder, so his stuff takes up space, and finally, my parents did leave some dishes in the sink that I did, but the laundry is all stuff I brought over from my house, so as to take advantage of the parents’ washer/dryer.

      I haven’t been in the backyard, but it would probably be nice for me to pick up the doggydoo… probably not going to happen.

      I haven’t grown up quite that much yet.

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