That Annoying Step Before My Comment Will Post…

You know how when you comment on certain blogs, you have to verify that you’re a real person and not a computer spammer by typing in some letters they give you? Last week, I kept track of all of the ones I had to type in and have compiled my top 10 for this post. Here they are:

  1. turgonea

  2. phiven

  3. reogeothe

  4. frehow

  5. traness

  6. amingr

  7. complesi

  8. jaisio

  9. deishro

  10. lomentsw

If I ever have to create a language for a book I write, I’m pretty sure my strategy will be to comment on a million blogs and just write down every one of the letter combinations I’m required to type in before my comment will post. That way, the annoyance of having to do that will no longer annoy me because I will make bank off of it.

*Most of the words up there seem like the names of mysterious islands that aren’t plottable on any maps (you can probably only get to them if you have a compass that doesn’t point north). What do you think they mean?


12 thoughts on “That Annoying Step Before My Comment Will Post…

  1. I love “Turgonea” — I’m quite certain this was a Roman state during the first century. In fact, archeologists have long been searching for Paul’s second epistle to the Turgoneans.

    I hope my blog has contributed something other than annoyance to my readers…if only Google could adopt the “once accepted, always accepted” mentality of the WordPress world. But then, I should probably feel special that my readers endure an extra screen to comment. I’m not even sure I like my blog that much πŸ™‚

  2. agreed. it’s beyond annoying. especially on those sites where the letters are elaborately squished up so no computer software can read it…

  3. Nice list! I think complesi could mean the lazily satisfied feeling that happens after someone completes something: “It’s done now, I’m totally complesi.”

    Have you seen CAPTCHArt? Blog of cartoons inspired by captcha requests. It’s pretty funny.

  4. A few times, while posting in forums or wherever the internet takes me, I’ll end up with real words, Asian characters or even “raptor Jesus”. Jaisio sounds like a character I would have written about in 5th grade. ;D

  5. 1. Turgonea- land of magical prehistoric fishes
    2. Phiven- Excessively motivated misdirection.
    3. Reogeothe- an irrational hatred for Southwest Texas
    4. Frehow- Expert dumpster diving advice
    5. traness- lady man lady royalty
    6. amingr- a novice attempt at revenge
    7. complesi- lazy French Canadian trustfundee

  6. Turgonea is the land where the mythical bird the phiven is reputed to live in weird hollow rock formations called regeothe. A frehow is a big courtship dance the phiven get up to beneath the watchful eye of their traness, or female alpha bird. Amingr is the sound my nieces used to make when they were babies and were eating something they loved. The complesi are a sect devoted to finding and protecting the phiven, and the Jaisio is their leader, the only one who has ever claimed to see a phiven (which tells us he’s crazy because they are mythical, remember?) A deishro is a deadly storm that roars through Turgonea seasonally. A lomentsw is a haunting melody played on a flute by the complesi around their campfires, except when a deishro is looming, because that would be dangerous.

    I enjoy your blog-you think a lot more than I did when I was your age. You probably think more than I do now. Very good.

    • Lynette – Crazy good job tying all of the words in together πŸ™‚

      And thanks for sayding that I think a lot… sometimes it’s probably overthinking, but better that than under-thinking, eh?

  7. Turgonea – Mixture of the words Turgid and Gonorrhea. Not a pretty site at all.

    Phiven – A card game that involves putting five cards in “the pocket”. One wins the game by getting all their cards in and claiming “Five-In”. But since you say it so fast, people just say Phiven.

    Reogeothe – This is the name of a Norwegian troll once killed by Beowulf. Unfortunately he never made it into the book. Since his evil reincarnation he has become a Hollywood talent agent.

    Frehow – Most people don’t know this, but most gears for clocks are made in this small Swiss town.

    Traness – This is a genre of music for hipsters who commonly betray one another. It is referred to a “The Traness”.I would tell you some bands that fit this mold… but you’ve probably never heard of them.

    Amingr – The more friendly version of

    Complesi – This is the attempt of a 3 year old trying to say the word “complacent” but they are too tired to finish the sentence. They had a long day at pre-school.

    Jaisio – This is the name of a Filipino motor scooter/moped. The men who drive it have long black hair and are usually very sweaty. They also like to hang around airports.

    Deishro – A type of thread used in the toe support of socks. This applies only to socks that are sold in big and tall stores.

    Lomentsw – A common abbreviation for “Louis meant Stew”. This is a reference to a very controversial episode of Family Guy where Louis Griffin accidentally managed to called Peter Griffin a “fat trolley of a cartoon man.” She immediately tried to retract her statement by saying she was referring to co-star Stewie Griffin.

    How come your posts make me put more thought into the comments here than i do at my own blog?

    I’m claiming mind control…

  8. love this! i love everyone’s ideas, i’ll have to come up with some more! shasta, you’re blog kills me EVERY time. LOL. i have to do the captcha thing like 3 times before mine will post on your blog. =)

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