The Blessing of Good Moms

Okay… so I don’t know why this has all-of-a-sudden happened, but I’m around a million great moms.

It used to be that I thought about adopted-mom Lisa, and I didn’t know how she did it (okay, I still don’t). I remember this one time in particular when I was visiting the Johnsons, and Brit (the youngest) was doing laundry. She mentioned to Lisa that she needed another lesson on ironing (I think it was ironing, but it could have been something else). Lisa’s response was that she’d love to give Brit a reminder lesson. Brit teased Lisa a little about her enthusiasm, and I just sat there thinking the whole thing was amazing and adorable.

It was amazing because there are so many things I want and need to learn – things that make me feel silly to ask about because they should be obvious. And honestly, I think about house work, and I frequently feel like I’m floundering in a sea of strange products and gizmos… when I should just get it. Cleaning a toilet really isn’t that big of a deal, right? But what about that stupid calcium ring we get from stupid Tucson water? I’ve been told to use a pumice stone on it, but I’d really like a demonstration before I go taking a rock to the toilet bowl.


I’ve been hanging out about once a week with my friend Lauren.

Lauren might be my favorite mom right now because she’s the one who’s closest geographically as well as stage-of-life-y. Also, I remember getting to hold Baby Finn when he was like 7 days old (*if anyone asks, I did not tear up just now thinking about that) and before that, I got to touch Lauren’s tummy and feel Baby Button a.k.a. Finn moving around before he was born… and he’s the only baby I’ve ever experienced that with. AND it was his 1-year birthday on Saturday.

Lauren teaches me so much about being a mom, and she doesn’t even know she’s doing it. She always apologizes for doing chores when I’m over, which is so funny because I’m secretly watching how she does everything so I can go home and copy her. She’s one of those amazing cooks, but never makes me feel dumb 🙂 I’ve cooked with her a couple of times, and the thing I’ve most loved is how I go home feeling motivated and encouraged… like I can do it! Because part of the fear of the kitchen is thinking there’s only one way to cut a mango. The truth is that you can cut a mango just about any way you feel like doing it, and it’s still going to be a mango and taste like a mango. Lauren’s the one who taught me that. 🙂

Also, I love watching Lauren talk to Finn and patiently parent him. She doesn’t seem at all mad at him ever, and even though I know she’s SO tired sometimes, she has this empathy for him when he’s screaming so that you know she’s feeling worse for him than she is for herself.


Finally, there’s Bekah. She’s kind of new in my life, and a complete blessing.

You know how moms have this way of making sure people have what they need? Bekah is so good at that. Her son is 10, so she’s been a mommy for awhile, and it shows. When I showed up at Holy Cross, she made me feel so welcomed and I never felt awkward asking her questions about what to do and where to stand. I know it’s crazy, but when I’m in a new place, I like to know the procedure. I like for there to be a routine I can follow so that I know I’m doing something everyone else will accept as normal. Whenever I want to know if I’m going to be a weirdo for doing something, I just whisper to Bekah and ask if I should do whatever it is I want to do.

“Bekah… what if I go sit down over there right now? Will I seem like a weirdo?”

She never makes me feel like a weirdo for asking, which is AMAZING and mommy-like 🙂


I’ve been blessed to know a lot of really good moms, and I wish I could write about them all, but these three have stood out to me lately. They are the moms I hope to be like if I have kids, and the ones I’m blessed to be learning from and observing.

If only today was Mother’s day, this post would be timely and perfect. Oh well. Better late than never.


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