Show; Don’t Tell.

“Show; don’t tell” is pretty much the go-to advise for all writers.

For the reader, the difference between showing and telling is the difference between experiencing and observing. A writer who shows is the writer who brings her reader one degree closer to the action. She’s the one who gives her reader an immersive experience.

I’ve been thinking about this with sharing spiritual truth. God asked us to be witnesses, right?

A lot of times, my method of “witnessing” is to quote other people (Matt Chandler said… In this one J.R. Vassar sermon… In Brennan Manning’s book…) – but what if that’s the equivalent of “telling” rather than “showing”?

What if there’s a way to draw people one degree closer to the action by sharing the things I’ve truly experienced with God?

Maybe I should start using God as the subjects of my sentences.

“God did…”


“So-and-so said _________ about God.”


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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