A Hearty Hurrah for Spontaneity!

So… I haven’t written much about my personal real-life lately.

I go back to work on Friday. Everyone in the world keeps asking me if I’m excited about it, and I can’t help but wonder if they think I think about school the same way my students do. I’m neither excited nor depressed. It’s my job, which I do most of the year. I look forward to breaks, but I spend a lot of life working, and it’s normal to be going back. Also, I teach because I like it. I would definitely prefer to start the day at 10:00 am rather than 7:30, but that’s about my biggest bone to pick with teaching. I suppose the unique thing is that I get a new group of people to work with every year, which has its benefits. Other than that, I’m teaching the same subjects I’ve taught every year. My planning period is the same as it always is. My colleagues are mostly the same. My classroom is the same (although I did get a bunch of free posters again at ComiCon, and I’ll use those to over-decorate).

Oh yeah! I pierced my nose!

I completely forgot about the title up there, which was mostly related to the piercing. I’ve periodically thought about getting it done, but not very seriously. I’ve also considered getting another tattoo, dying my hair blue, and/or getting funny-colored contacts. However, I don’t ever plan out doing things like that. I just get excited one day and spontaneously do it. This time, I wanted to do it, but I also wanted Friend Shasta to come along with me and she was working during my spontaneous moment, so I texted her and found out when she was free – then I didn’t think much about it until I picked her up and started driving to the tattoo parlor. I was actually re-debating with myself about whether I wanted to follow through…  right up until the really cool piercing guy shoved the needle through my nostril. He told me that everyone gets at least a tear, so of course, I made it my goal to have dry eyes. Fail. Not possible. Also, drippy snot was completely unavoidable. I’m pretty happy, though. The only negative right now is that I can’t blow my nose a million times a day like I like to. I have, however, discovered that most of my nose-blowing is completely unnecessary and possibly Obsessive-compulsive 🙂

Oh well.

What else?

It’s Sunday right now (you won’t be reading this until the future) and I’m looking forward to church tonight because I’m sort of stalking/observing/shadowing my friend Bekah, who is the boss of greeting at the door. She is in need of volunteers, so I’m going to see if I can handle it. I’ve been hesitant to commit to anything because there’s this part of my heart that is terrified of the church. It’s so much easier just to attend.

*Update: I greeted, and it was super-fun! It was an excellent way to get to know some of the faces I’ve been seeing, but never met. Also, I haven’t written much about how church is actually going, and maybe I should… I’m really happy 🙂 Of course I swing back-and-forth between complete grief over losing my tight-knit Crossing church as we disperse and go separate directions. Still, though, we’ve maintained a lot of the closeness through Monday and Tuesday night get-togethers and a Thursday night Rogue Bible Study 🙂 However, as school starts up, I’m going to have to back off on some of those things so as to maintain sanity. Also, I’m going to a thing tomorrow to learn a little about Life Groups at my small church and see what level of involvement might be a good fit for me and for the church, which is pretty cool. Pastor Pete told me he wanted to talk to me like two weeks ago, and I’ve unintentionally/intentionally been a little hard for him to get ahold of … I promise I wasn’t trying to avoid him, I was just being socially awkward and timid.

Which brings me to my current contemplation: “For God has not given us a spirit of timidity, but rather a spirit of power, love and self-control.”

I’ve been SO timid at new church. Part of the reason is because I actually love that new phase in friendships when I can be whoever I want to be to them… because they don’t have years of knowing me to filter their perceptions through. 🙂 Usually when people first meet me, I’m the totally shy, sweet-hearted reader/writer/teacher who people want to give a big hug to. Then, I show up one day with my nose pierced and they’re like, “Whoa – totally had her pegged wrong.” So I’m timid in figuring out which things I want people to know about me now, and I’m quiet and observative. Also, though, I’m being all timid about my relationship and place in the church. Which is the dumb part. I should get over it and do the power, love and self-control thing. eh?

One more update: I’ve started my marathon training schedule! BAM!

I’ve only done two runs, and I’m stretching an 18-week schedule over something ridiculous like 24 weeks, but I’m jazzed. I keep putting off my first long run, which is 6 miles, and terrifying since I haven’t done that kind of distance since January.

I’m really excited, though, to be training again. 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Hearty Hurrah for Spontaneity!

  1. I want to see your nose..yeah, that sounds a lot stranger now that it’s out of my head lol.

    Oh and when I first met you I still remember (some what) what you asked me “So tell me your life story”

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