Clearing Out the Closet

People love to ask teachers what we do during the summer. Most of the time it’s a fine question, but there is this tone that people sometimes get that makes me want to drop them into a vat of boiling magma – or maybe that crazy metal that Wolverine’s blades are made from.

Anyways, as you can probably tell, I spend a lot of the summer writing, catching up with neglected friends, playing video games (I swear I’m eventually going to beat ASSASSIN’S CREED; I’m SO close!) and drinking coffee. I also tend to cook real food a lot more frequently, do yoga and go for runs, and the past two summers, I’ve been all artistic with painting on real canvases and whatnot.

Also, I go through all of my crap every work break and get rid of as much as I can.

Last year, I got rid of my clown collection because my friends let me know that it was creepy. Forget the fact that my Mommy gave me my first ever clown (didn’t get rid of that one).

This year I thought I’d give you a list of the items I got rid of…. sorry I didn’t take pictures.

1. 33 trophies, plaques, and medals from the glory days.

2. Eeyore Halloween costume

3. Sock Monkey Footie PJs

4. School-girl uniform and blood-covered white tennies… I may have dressed up as Gogo from KILL BILL for Halloween two years ago and had an epic street fight involving my home-made chain mace.

5. Doggie stairs (no climbing on the bed for my beast anymore… she might fall off and break a hip)

6. Pink back pack from high school

7. Overnight backpacking backpack from the Grand Canyon hike 6 or 7 years ago

8. Hiking boots

9. 20 or so stuffed animals

10. 1 diaper

You might not believe that list, but I assure you I’m not making any oif it up. ALL true.

What I thought about getting rid of, but kept:

2 prom dresses that still fit & 3 MVP trophies ๐Ÿ™‚

I promise I’ll have a post for you with pictures coming up soon. Until then, have a lovely day!


10 thoughts on “Clearing Out the Closet

  1. You got rid of your backpacking backpack??!?!? Bummer! No more backpacking for you? Did you give it away? I will buy it from you. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Man! I totally thought about giving it to you, but I was in the frenzy of justgetitoutofthehouse, and I already gave it away.

      I’m totally still up for backpacking, though. That bag was just really impractical. It was enormous and bulky and heavy and horrible. The only reason I ever needed it was because I refused to hike the Grand Canyon without all of my CDs, my discman, Bible, a fiction book, more food than I could eat in a month, and too many other things to think about. I’m all about packing light nowadays!

  2. Kathryn, I really like this post. I particularly enjoy seeing the reasoning behind the items you threw away. For instance, you explained that your doggy stairs would likely only cause problems for your pooch. The same is true for the hiking pack. You mention how it was inconvenient in your comment. All of this is well said.

    However, I see no explanation of the diaper…

    I must know more about this strange item in your list. Was it used in the Eeyore costume? Then you wouldn’t have to handle that ordeal of getting out and then back inside of the said costume? What about an extended hiking trip? No need to slow down the whole expedition if you just use a diaper, right?

    Is it a disposable diaper, or a real cloth one? If it’s disposable why not have more than one? Used the other ones up? Gave some away and just accidentally forgot to give up the last one?

    Maybe you have an incontinence problem, and I apologize for bringing it up. I didn’t know. I’m sorry. But maybe you shouldn’t post such mysterious items with no background on your blog.

    There are just too many possibilities for my mind to not wander.

    • D.A. – If we’re the kind of friends who ask about incontinence, you can probably call me Katie.

      The diaper doesn’t have a super explanation. It was disposable, and I definitely got it with an entire pack when I had my first BabyThinkItOver doll (I don’t know what happened to the rest of the pack… probably thrown away a decade ago). The BabyThinkItOver doll is this thing they make kids take home in junior high and/or high school. It has a censor chip thing that makes it cry all night and records whether you take care of it or not. The thing weighs the same amount as a real baby and its head flops back if you don’t support it. It’s meant to deter children from having babies too young.

      I loved mine and totally wanted a real baby after my weekend with Tyler Austin…

      Yep. I named mine.

      Anyways, I had 2 experiences with these dolls. The first one was in 8th grade and required me to buy diapers for it. The second time was when I was 17, and the technology had advanced or something so that there were special diapers with computer chip things to make sure the poor rubber kid was getting a diaper change at the proper times. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I evidently kept a diaper from the 8th grade baby. I found it in a box with most of my childhood – you know, Barbies, POGs,etc… ๐Ÿ™‚

      Explanation sufficient?

      • This explanation is more than significant, Katie. (see what I did there?)

        I have a rubber baby/computer story as well!

        In 8th grade all students were required to carry around the evil baby thing for a week. It was a part of Home Economics. I named my baby K9428. We had to stick a plastic key in their back if they started crying. Of all the times in the middle of the night that it woke me up, and all the times that I had to stay next to it as I skateboarded around the front of my house, there was one moment that defined the entire experience.

        I was in Pre-Algebra. Baby went off. I pulled out key. I interrupted the whole class. I apologized and professionally handled and keyed the evil baby device. And yet my teacher shot me an nasty scowl that still haunts me down to my bones.

        It was a fake baby and I addressed the problem quickly!

        Still, I get the stink eye!

        That is all…

      • D.A. Did the stink eye incident deter you from the teen pregnancy thing those doll/devices were meant to prevent? Maybe if someone had given me the stink eye, my doll/device would have been more effective. Everyone just always looked at me keying the device, and told how I was going to be an excellent mommy, which led me to want to be a mommy ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Nope. Went to prom once, Winter Formal once, and an awesome volunteer silent auction dance thing in one of the hangars of Pima Air and Space Museum. We danced to crazy old-school music with a trumpet in the band… next to an enormous WW2 airplane!

  3. I get that question too sometimes. This smmer is one of the first during my teaching career that I have actually taken a lot of time to relax. Aside from moving my stuff to Estes, I have spent more time reading at coffee shops than ever before, and just hanging out with friends and exercising. At the beginning I got rid of about 3 years of college papers and other crud in my closet. Such a good feeling. When people look disapprovingly at teachers for having summers off, I just try to remember that summer allows us to rest so we can be awesome teachers when the year starts up. I liked this post.

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