Going to church without ever TRULY seeking God and the transformation only He can shape in us and others around us is the most monumental waste of time and resources the world has ever seen.

Matt Chandler compared us to the man who continuously reads the medicine bottle but refuses to take the pill that would save him.

Is that what we are?

Sometimes I wonder.

I remember one bible study awhile ago, when I just completely lost it, asking, “What are we doing? Why aren’t we inflamed with the deep yearning to see lost souls saved?”

Why don’t we care? And if we don’t care, what are we doing?

“How can I stand here with You and not be moved by You?” – Lifehouse “Everything”


5 thoughts on “What a MONUMENTAL Waste

  1. thank you for writing this. i feel this way often, and then i forget, getting wrapped up in my daily life. at times i want people to like me more than i want to see their soul saved no matter what the cost to my ego. i pray my heart will change.

    • I forget all the time too.

      In fact, I wrote this because I know that I’ve forgotten. I know that I’ve turned away from my first love, and I’m striving to get it back. šŸ˜¦ It’s such a ridiculous struggle too, because God is the only one who stirs the soul and yet we’re meant to seek Him and His stirring relentlessly.

      So frustrating.

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