Shocked and Chagrined

“…the full mergence of every part of life with the life of God in the Spirit is likely to be a longer process than we in our creature impatience would wish. The most advanced soul may be shocked and chagrined to discover some private area within his life where he had been unknown to himself, acting as lord and proprietor of that which he thought he had given to God.”

A.W. Tozer God’s Pursuit of Man (108-109)


3 thoughts on “Shocked and Chagrined

  1. Wow! This quote both makes me think, and frightens me a little too. I definitely have come look at parts of my life that I thought I had given over to God, but then I realize I have still tried to maintain control over it. Then there are parts that I think I have given over to God hundreds of times, and yet somehow I try to take them back.

    • I know the feeling. It seems like I rarely even find new things to hand over to Him because I’m so busy re-handing over that which I thought I was finished with… that which I viewed as already sanctified. 🙂

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