The Obligatory Pottermore Post

Okay… I wouldn’t be able to legitimately consider myself a middle grade writer if I didn’t write something about Pottermore. For those of you who don’t know, last week, J.K. Rowling announced Pottermore. All of the YA and MG writing community is astir with excitement tempered with frustration at “the end of publishing as we know it.”

My thoughts?

I’m surprised Pottermore is only now starting to exist.

How can J.K. Rowling not move with the times and offer an online experience? We’ve gone from the physical book, to film, to an amusement park, and I hope to heck that Rowling finds a million more ways to make bank off of the series. It’s brilliant and I can’t but make her my role model.

Am I joining up with Pottermore?

Absolutely not.

I hardly like the Potter movies.

In my opinion, the true way to experience Harry is in a queen-sized bed, with no one else in the house, and no reason to wash my face for a day. I like the feel of the pages between my fingers and that I picture Lee Jordan wrong every time I read his name. And I don’t care. Because the Harry Potter in my head is SO much better than anything anyone else can offer me.

If I ever get an eReader, I’m sure Harry Potter will be one of my purchases… if I get one.

But that’s just me.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting an online Potter experience. And overall, I think it’s a good thing for stories to be experienced in various and new mediums.


3 thoughts on “The Obligatory Pottermore Post

  1. I cannot imagine to become an eReader because it could never be the same feeling like reading a book make up off paper. And a love this feeling!!! 🙂
    I won’t join up with Pottermore, but I LOVE the books and the films.
    JULY 13: the last film 🙂

  2. Hey Katie! I am curious about Pottermore as well, but it is not J.K. Rowling’s first Potter online experience. I used to go to her website, and it is very cool! There are clues, and secret passages and messages and a journal of hers that she wrote while writing Harry Potter. I am looking forward to seeing what the new website is all about.

    Oh and, for the longest time, J.K. said she wouldn’t allow the books to be available for e-readers because she wants children to read ‘real’ books. Guess she got on the bandwagon or realized how much money she will make if they are available as e-books, since she will be releasing them this fall. Although I love my e-reader (for convenience sake) I will never give up paper books! =)

    • Yeah. I love the current HP website too. It’s the closest to an “experience” as I think any author has offered. Pottermore seems to add to the interaction already available, which is cool. It gives readers a medium for both reading and using their imaginations to create and contribute to the experience in ways that weren’t offered on the current website. 🙂

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