Such a Fear

“One of the most telling blows which the enemy ever struck at the life of the Church was to create in her a fear of the Holy Spirit. No one who mingles with Christians in these times will deny that such a fear exists. Few there are who without restraint will open their whole heart to the blessed Comforter. He has been and is so widely misunderstood that the very mention of His name in some circles is enough to frighten people into resistance.”

A.W. Tozer God’s Pursuit of Man (101)


One thought on “Such a Fear

  1. What a paralyzing deception, to fear the intimate Counselor given specifically for our help. Satan has some twisted ways of killing our walk, but this is the worst: to have men and women believe that we can — and should — live the Christian life without the demonstration of God provided for this very age. And then we wonder why we feel weak…

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