The Brilliant Bunny Rescue!

Good morning, my friends! Isn’t the day lovely? I’ve been up since the wee hour of 2:40 this morning, to drive a dear friend to the airport. So although it’s much earlier than my normal writing hour (especially in the summer), I’m more than up to the task today, although I prefer to write on more than 3 hours of sleep 🙂 It’s okay, though, because I’ve brought some pictures to fill in any gaps in my writing astuteness this morning.

Picture #1 is from today. Since it was 5:15 and not quite the 100+ blazing hotness yet, I decided to take a walk and ended up at this lovely man-made body of water. Not quite as cool as natural water, but hey, what do you really expect from the Arizona desert?

The other pictures are all from yesterday, but I can’t show them to you just yet. I have to tell you a story first.

You see, a couple of weeks ago, Roommate Amy was like, “There’s a bunny hole in our yard! Hey Alix – be really careful watering the plants because we might have baby bunnies and you don’t want to drown them.”

Yesterday, I woke up and got ready to go for a run. I went into the kitchen, and there was Alix. She was staring out the window with a concerned look on her face.

“There’s this little door mouse in the yard, and I accidentally squirted him in the face with water. Poor guy. I hope he’s alright. There probably isn’t anyone I can call to get him help because he’s just a mouse.”

On my way out for my run, I took a quick look at the little guy, who didn’t seem to be doing real well. He was in a nice patch of shade, though, and it was early in the day, so I figured the best thing to do was to let him dry off and scurry away on his own if he could.

However, when I got back from my run, the sun was beating down pretty relentlessly, and the little guy had crawled his way right up next to the house in the only strip of shade that remained.

I decided it was time for me to take action.

I went inside and got a shoe box, and, figuring he would for sure die in the heat if I left him there (and therefore, I wasn’t going to make the situation worse), I picked him up and took him inside.

Here’s what he looked like:

Now, if you look really closely, you’ll see that the little guy’s eyes aren’t even open because he’s just a teeny baby… born REALLY recently. And what an unfortunate beginning to life: squirted in the face with a hose, then left in the blazing heat for 3 hours 😦

I put some face towels in the shoe box and set the little guy down. And for a few minutes, he looked like this:

But I think that’s actually a pretty uncomfortable position for him, and he was really just terrified even though I talked to him in my best, most gentle, hiwoundedcreatureiloveyou sort of voice.

Once he calmed down a little, he looked more like this:

And he moved around a little bit, and I started to realize that he wasn’t so much scurrying as awkwardly (that’s an understatement) hopping.

He was one of Amy’s bunnies!

“Ohbabybunnyyouaregoingtobejustfine,” I assured him.

Then I prayed for him, because I was pretty terrified that I’d kill the little guy and fall into years of guilt and depression. And all I wanted was for the baby bunny to live.

I called some expert kinds of people, who referred me to other expert kinds of people, who told me to give the bunny water, and that I should bring him to them so that they can take care of him… but not for another 6 hours.

So… for 6 hours, I tried to get the bunny to drink water.

He perked up a little as the day went on, but it was hard to get his temp. right. In the AC, he got pretty cold pretty quick, but being that he as all dehydrated, I got really worried every time he was in the sun. His breathing was labored all day, and I never got him to drink water.

Also, there was the stupid cat who hates me to deal with. She kept trying to get at the bunny’s box, and I kept chasing her away until she perched herself high above everything and waited for her chance to pounce.

If only I was joking.

Yes. Yes, she is so covert.

Finally, the afternoon rolled around, and I took baby bunny to a wildlife refuge place, and Janet assured me that she’d take good care of him. She showed me around the place a little bit before letting me leave, and I met a few baby owls and a baby hawk that had all been orphaned, and my heart just completely melted. Janet handed me a pamphlet, and sent me on my way.

In the car, though, I read through the pamphlet, and got REALLY excited by the back page.

What can you do?

was the heading of that last page, and it encouraged people to give money to the wildlife refuge or to volunteer.




All it took was about 2 seconds for me to convince myself that the 4-hrs-a-week minimum was totally do-able. I’d get to learn about animals. I’d feed baby owls and hold baby bunnies and I’d get to feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


Sign me up!

Then, there was this gentle little voice in my head that was like, “Remember your blog post.”

I didn’t listen to the voice at first, but it whispered again, “Think of the post.”

What was the post about anyways? I thought to myself.

Then, I remembered that part in yesterday’s post about saying no.

And I felt really hurt and saddened that I wasn’t going to get to feed a baby owl.


Then I threw the pamphlet away like a good girl.


3 thoughts on “The Brilliant Bunny Rescue!

  1. Katie, this is my favorite post. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened to the baby mouse-bunny. Did he die?? Do you still have him?? Did you nurse him back to health?? I’m glad to know that the wildlife people are taking good care of him. 🙂

  2. I think that is so cute Katie,and yay for saving the bunny. And yay for Amy warning you guys 🙂

    And kudo’s for you for not taking too much on. I do that sometimes and get extremely overwhelmed.

    And I totally know that the evil evil cat is like that, she likes to hide up there alot I’ve noticed lol.

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