VBS: The Cause of My Late Posts

This week, I’ve been helping out with Vacation Bible School at Big Church.

I’m a guide person for a 5th/6th grade class, and we totally won the spirit taxi and got to be the first class to carry it around for an entire day!

Behold… The spirit taxi:

For those of you who can’t tell, the spirit taxi is a magnificent thing to children. Everyone wants to hold it. All the time.

“But she already got to hold the class sign!”

“I only got to hold it for three minutes!”

“It’s my turn!”

“This is SO unfair!”

The spirit taxi aside, though, this has been a spectacular week. I never attended VBS. I wasn’t raised in a Christian home, so I get a little jealous sometimes when my friends bust out into VBS songs they all know. They do the dance moves, and I watch. Having now participated in VBS, though, I have to say that the first day of learning songs was pretty fun, but I’m really looking forward to a day when I don’t walk around my house singing and doing ridiculous hand motions about the bi-bi-bi big apple adventure (that’s our theme).

Coolest (and way deeper) thing coming out of this week, though. I LOVE kids.

It’s been such a long time since I’ve gotten to hang out with kids. I used to spend pretty much all of my time with them, volunteering with Mentor Kids USA and the Ronald McDonald house and hanging out with my nephews. I’m pretty sure there were about 3 years when I spent 20 hours a week with kids of various ages.

Nowadays, I hardly spend any time with kids. 😦

One of the obstacles I run into with kids is that I tend to feel anxious about parents. I’m totally the kind of person who’s all for encouraging kids in annoying rule-breaking that’s ultimately harmless. Water day was on Wednesday, and I was totally the one encouraging kids to run up and soak their parents in wet hugs. I was the one who told myself I wasn’t going to do the slip ‘n slide. So I didn’t bring clothes… bad idea.

“But Katie, you have to!”

Kids say that to me, and I’m like … you’re right! I do have to!

And then I find myself wearing wet clothes all day, feeling really cold but happy.

That’s what makes me nervous about parents. Some parents are just glad to have someone entertaining their kid, and they don’t care much that it’s in a less-than-perfectly-structured sort of way. Other parents give you the, you’re-supposed-to-be-the-adult look that squelches all fun.

Building forts!

Sorry, I may have gotten carried away just then reminiscing.

Free-running! (aka free-style walking)

Wiffle ball!

Ice Skating!


Do you know that I never enjoyed any of those things as a kid?

I was the very serious kid who sat very straight and followed directions. I sometimes wonder if God made me that way as a kid so that I can now draw those kids into the fun. For example, there’s this kid in one of the other VBS classes, and he won’t dance. But I experienced the sweetest of triumphs yesterday when I not only got him on stage, but by the time music class was over, he was totally dancing on his own.


Spirit Taxi!

Honk honk!


6 thoughts on “VBS: The Cause of My Late Posts

  1. Just mentioning the term “lock-in” has given me a headache.

    Seriously though, there is nothing better than being the volunteer help that can encourage the kids’ imaginations. I particularly miss working in the church camp setting, where I didn’t have to worry about parent anxiety until the week was over — inevitably spoiled by the kid that would proudly proclaim, “Look what my counselor taught me!” Oops.

    The good news is, if God ends up blessing you with the gift of parenthood, you can encourage whatever crazy stuff you’d like. You can send your son to public school and receive report cards stating: “The student’s mind never seems to stop running, and he is a joy in the classroom, but he needs to think before speaking and learn to use his time more wisely.” I know my mom must’ve been proud 🙂

  2. You want to come build a fort with me a Finn. I am actually a structural-fort genius. Only my little brother knows that!

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