Stuff, Junk and More Stuff


(For those of you who haven’t noticed, I like to start posts as if we’ve been chatting for a few minutes already and just need a nice segue into the next topic)


some stuff, junk and more stuff that’s been on my mind.

1. The church search is the primary thing on my mind right now. It seems like everyone asks me what I’m thinking about it, and up until Monday or so, I didn’t know what the heck was going on. I didn’t have a plan. I was a feather in a hurricane. So…

  • I prayed and read my bible A LOT
  • I waited
  • I sought wise counsel, hoping to be told to wait some more (sometimes, I’m a big fan of waiting). However, the people I talked to confirmed the things I felt God whispering.
  • I’ve visited other churches while still attending the one my own church merged with. I’ll probably try to visit at least 2 more, but I think I’ve found the one I’m going to end up at. It is known as Small Church here at STILL GROWING, although its real-life name is Holy Cross. Here’s a link to their website and blog, and here’s a link to the post I wrote after my first encounter with Pastor Pete. Feel free to check up on my choice and tell me that you think their beliefs are heretical or that you hate me and think I’m making the worst mistake of my life. It’s not too late for me to turn back 🙂 In all honesty, though, I think this little church is amazing and Godly, and I’m excited that God put Pastor Pete at the table next to me when He did.
  • I listened to this sermon that simultaneously encouraged me to be exactly what God made me to be for the growth and health of the body, and it convicted me for desperately wanting to “date the church” for a little while so I won’t have to take that first bold step.

2. I’ve hit a bit of a road block in revisions; I don’t know enough about one of my peripheral characters. Therefore, I’m going to spend some time brainstorming, journaling as this character to find her voice, creating playlists for her, drawing her, and creating characters on my favorite video games that resemble her (weird, I know). I’m still planning to query SOON, though. So if you’re one of my readers, you should be expecting the revised version of the first half soon. Also, I think it might be a good idea to write some posts here about publishing.

3. It’s almost July again and time for me to host the Gospel Marathon. For those of you who don’t know, The Gospel Marathon is an evening of reading the gospels. I get a group of friends together, and we read through Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John in one night. It takes about 7 hours (if you don’t take any breaks) and everyone takes turns reading. It’s one of my favorite experiences I’ve ever had, because it puts God’s word front and center, it doesn’t require any special knowledge or training to implement, and it is one of the simplest, most unencumbering ways to experience God. You can read my original post about it by clicking here and I’ll put more stuff together for you as we approach July.

4. I might stop posting on Fridays. For awhile now, I’ve been backing off on posts by throwing in a reblog, a quote, or a video once a week. Posting every weekday takes a lot of time and dedication, and is really important when building a blog from the ground up. However, STILL GROWING is a little more established than it was a year ago and I’d like to take back some of my time for fictioning.

5. I’m still running. I haven’t blogged about it lately, but I’m running about twice a week and plan to run my second half-marathon in December (I think that’s when the Tucson Marathon is) and I’ll hopefully also be running my first full in January at P.F. Chang’s Rock ‘n’ Roll. I’m looking forward to next year’s Ragnar, which was my favorite race ever. Feel free to join me for training. Right now, I’m just maintaining and trying not to get fat. 🙂 I’m doing short (3 mile) runs at about a 10-minute pace. I am, however, running in the hot Tucson midday because I’m too lazy to get out of the house before 10 am, and having too much fun in the evenings to run after 4:00 pm

Peace out, homies.


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