The Brilliant King

Cover of "On Writing:  A Memoir of the Cr...
Cover of On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft

Good morning! Today has already been so chalk-full of fun that I just have to update you.

1. I completely forgot that today is towel day, but I think one of my students is going to loan me her gym towel, so all is well.

2. I spilled coffee on myself this morning, but made a new friend named Cynthia who may take me to some Jane Austen event things. She loves Harry Potter and coffee, which probably means we’re going to be BFFs.

3. Today is also a magical sort of day because it’s the last one I’ll be seeing students, which of course is bitter-sweet, but I’m not gonna lie… I haven’t been on my game this year and am looking forward to a fresh start.

4. A student gave me a rose! and a note! and it melted me.

 NOW! On to the post…

You read the title up there and thought this was going to be another post about Jesus.


Jesus is the most brilliant King, but there is another who I can totally relate to 🙂

“In my character, a kind of wildness and a deep conservatism are wound together like hair in a braid.”

~Stephen King On Writing (53)

This completely resonated with me.

For those of you who don’t know, I’m the girl with the ladybug tattoo, who’s terrified of heights but jumped off a balcony to get a boy’s attention and would love to jump out of an airplane. I decided in an instant to go to China, and didn’t bat an eyelash when the destination unexpectedly switched to Mongolia. I’m the one who dated a guy who did jail time (yep, wasn’t kidding when I called him a dirtbag) because he was a real hottie and totally had a leather jacket.

It’s a wonderful contradiction if you ask me. I simultaneously hold convictions that modesty is the adornment of a beautiful woman but a pair of 4-inch heals and a few strapless dresses couldn’t hurt. I split free time between prayer, books, writing, exercise, meeting with friends for long walks and/or coffee, doing a few chores around the house AND sneaking onto golf courses, dancing all night, river rafting, travelling the world, having a wrestling tournament, playing poker at the casino and eating a bowl full of jalapenos.

I wonder what Mr. King’s conservativism/wildness contradiction usually entails. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Brilliant King

  1. I do believe that people are rarely just one thing-modest or conservative. I think there is a little bit of everything in all of us but we choose to act or refrain.
    🙂 go ahead and jump out of an airplane. It’s on my bucket list along with other things that would make me seem like a contradiction too. That’s just the fascination of being human

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