How I Used the Weekend!

In an attempt to tell you real and current things about me (because I suspect that some of you read because you actually like getting updates like that… since I don’t have a facebook profile and all), I’m going to tell you about my weekend.

It was pretty much the most brilliant weekend I’ve had in over a year!

Here’s why:


My parents were in Vegas from Wednesday to Saturday, so I got to house sit. Usually, house sitting sounds horrible to me, because I live in a perfectly nice house with a queen-sized bed and a dog that doesn’t bother me, while others live in perfectly nice houses with beds of varying sizes and dogs that sometimes bother me. My parents recently procured a small chihuahua that I’ve discovered doesn’t bother me. It doesn’t insist on touching my legs or neck, it’s cute, and has some other nice attributes. Also, my parents’ bed is king-sized. I will admit that it’s been something like 3 and a half years since I last slept at my parents’ house, so I had some reservations, but they have tv reception (which I haven’t experienced since I lived with them) and on Thursday night, upon returning from Bible study, I laid on the couch watching a nice film called WHERE THE HEART IS that I’ve seen before, but it still totally made me sob when the dumb boyfriend left our main character at Walmart.

2. Poetry

Living with roommates unfortunately puts a damper on my creative side. I’m afraid to morph into Jackson Polluck unreachable Katie, because I did that once at the beginning of living with Eucalyptus Biscuit, and it wasn’t fun when she caught me. It threw off my whole sense of quiet-time with Jesus, painting, singing out loud, crying and sermon/skit-watching. At my parents’, though, I was able to walk around the house, singing at the top of my lungs, trying out a spoken-word poem as I wrote it, and digging into all of that frustrating childhood stuff that tortures us until we die. And I did all of it knowing full well that others were salsa dancing and would probably judge me for not going with them. I felt a little like I was reclaiming my right not to dance. I like dancing. A lot. But I don’t like people expecting me to dance. I’ve been reading up on astrology stuff lately 🙂 and this makes total sense, because we Sagittarians hate being tied down. I know dancing doesn’t seem like a being tied-down sort of thing. It seems like the opposite of that, but I just tend to hate people expecting me to be any one thing. Or in any one group. Or whatever. I like impulse and variety when a fancy strikes me.

3. Walking

Sometimes, I don’t want anyone to know where I am. I don’t want them to text or call me. I don’t want them to track me down in their cars. I would much prefer to be stuck underneath a rock for six days and have to cut my arm off… than have anyone know where I am.

I know that’s bad.

But the cool thing about house sitting was that I got up on Saturday morning all early, and walked for like two hours. Without my cell-phone. Just thinking. I didn’t care how long it took me. I didn’t worry about what anyone would think about it. I just went. I didn’t eat breakfast. I didn’t get dressed (yep, I was walking around in my pjs… it’s okay, they looked an awful lot like workout clothes). I didn’t shower or do my hair. I didn’t put on shoes that are good for walking. I didn’t worry about getting sunburned. And while I know people are well-intentioned with worrying about these kinds of things, sometimes it’s better just to go and get a blister or a burn. It’s good for the soul.

4. Laundry

It was really nice to leave my stuff in the dryer this weekend. It was less than 24 hours, but it was awesome!

5. Angie

I got coffee with a nice person from the big church I’m going to. And it felt a lot like therapy. All of that childhood stuff I’d put into my poem earlier in the weekend came up in talking with Angie, and she brought me to tears a few times with her story and with sorting mine out. We’ve never talked before, but it was one of those things where I felt like we were meant to be at that Starbucks with each other.

6. Emails

Okay, so I’ve gotten really behind on emailing pen pals, critique partners, church friends, and everyone else who’s emailed me this month. I used today to catch up on a couple of those things, although I’m still way behind.

7. Small Church

Finally, I went to my small church, and it was amazing. The sermon was on John 9, which recently became one of my favorite chapters in the whole entire Bible, because it’s a reminder that my own blindness from birth is purposeful. I’m blind so that God’s works might be displayed in me.

Additionally, at small church, they did “How Great the Father’s Love For Us”, which is one of those amazing songs that I always forget about.

And last, but not least, I was giving my phone number to someone named Rebekah who befriended me, when a well-dressed man started hovering in a pretty intentional way, eavesdropping on what we were talking about. Rebekah asked me if I’d be at Bible study on Thursday. I told her that, no, I’d be heading up to Phoenix for COMICON! The well-dressed man, smoothly jumped into the conversation and made really good eye-contact with me…

So I panicked a little, and did the only thing that came to mind in the moment: I abruptly said, “I gotta go,” and fled the scene.

Remember when I said I was loving Taylor Swift’s lyrics, “I was a flight risk with a fear of fallin’… a careless man’s careful daughter…”? Yep. Case-in-point.

Maybe for next week, I’ll plan some conversation starters (if my abrupt exit didn’t insult him too much). Any ideas?


7 thoughts on “How I Used the Weekend!

  1. 3 points, then I’ll get out of your hair.

    1. You should ask the dude “If you could have any 2 super powers-what would they be?” If he perked up at ComicCon talk then that is sure to draw him in.

    2. I can’t help but notice you tagged this blog with John Scalzi. Please tell me you’ve read Old Man’s War/ everything else he’s written. Incredible.

    3. Starbucks again…I’m starting to believe you live there.

    • D.A.

      2. Okay… so I have to admit that the only Scalzi work I’ve actually read is his blog WHATEVER.

      BUT, I do own several of his books and plan to read them soon, AND, he and Felicia Day danced on stage next to me at comicon last year during the Rockband with Wil Wheaton Event.

      Here’s a URL for your viewing pleasure:

      and before you ask, yes, I was wearing a shirt that says, “The Wesley Crushers” on it and that is an allusion to THE BIG BANG THEORY.

      Also, don’t make fun of my hideousness. It was a long day, I was 30 lbs heavier than I am now and it’s ComiCon. No one is supposed to look awesome. Yes, I’m feeling insecure about my appearance in that video.

      Finally, I promise I’m better than that at Rock Band. I got scared and set it on easy when I should definitely have gone for it on hard since we had no-fail mode going. 🙂

      3. Without hesitation, I’d live inside a 3-pump, non-fat, grande white-mocha.

  2. I am curious as to the reason you panicked and left when the gentleman tried to be neighbourly? (I thought your reaction was funny).
    Enjoy Phoenix as our weather is now rising to it’s usually hot 90’s. A little late in the year but no one is complaining.

    • Harley

      You live in Phoenix? We could be real-life friends! You should come to ComiCon!

      and ummm…. about the panicking.

      I wish I knew why I do stuff like that. It worked for Rory on GILMORE GIRLS. I’m pretty sure she bolted right after Dean kissed her the first time. Maybe it’d work better for me if I secure the first kiss before I run?

      I may have to write a post examining my simultaneous draw towards and complete anxiety of men.

  3. Holy Crap! That’s hilarious.

    I’m immensely jealous.

    I can now see why you “panic” around men. When you’re around them they seem to burst into Lady Gaga and dance in droves.

  4. Harley: ComiCon is a comic convention, but it’s way more awesome than just that. It’s at the Phoenix Convention Center all weekend (Thurs. – Sun.), and there will be celebrity guests (I, personally, am most excited about Leonard Nimoy and other STAR TREK celebs, but there will also be STAR WARS, CHUCK, authors, improv groups like the one that does THE GUILD and any number of other guests). There will be a huge room filled with stuff to buy, panels of experts, zombie parades, madd hatter tea parties, geek prom, gaming rooms (both tabletop and console), people dressed up as ninjas and/or superheroes and pretty much everything awesome in the whole world.

    If you’re not a geek, you’d still probably enjoy it, but not as much as I will 🙂

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