By His Grace, Not Barbecued

Jurassic Park (film)

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So…. about two weeks ago, just before I took my week-long blog hiatus, God did something to me that was a lot like that part in JURASSIC PARK where the kid gets zapped off the electric fence. I tried to find the scene on YouTube but failed, so allow me to describe it to you.

Dr. Grant and the 2 kids are stranded on an island with scary dinosaurs. They’re cautiously making their way towards safety when they encounter a really tall, electric fence they can’t walk around, but need to be on the other side of, so Dr. Grant walks up to the fence and tests it to make sure the electricity is turned off. Once he’s satisfied that it’s safe, the three of them start climbing.

They’re joking and having fun until they get close to the top of the fence, and an alarm goes off, signaling that there will soon be enough electricity flowing through the  fence to deter a T-Rex from touching it.

Dr. Grant and the older kid manage to get off the fence with no worries, but our little buddy Tim has trouble getting over the top, because he’s slower and scared. Everybody freaks out, trying to get him off the fence, and they decide the best thing for him to do is jump.

Timmy is like, “Say what?”

Dr. Grant is like, “Jump. I’ll catch you.”

Timmy is like, “Yeah… that’s not happening.”

The electricity comes back on while they’re working it all out, Timmy flies off the fence, through the air, and on top of Dr. Grant before hitting the ground. Everyone freaks out again because they’re pretty sure he’s dead or going to be dead very soon. They do some mouth-to-mouth, and Timmy wakes up with blood dripping out of his ear, but mostly he’s fine.

I swear, that’s exactly what happened to me.

Okay, not exactly.

It was probably more like, Katie is climbing the fence, doing her best to keep up with life, and Jesus is like, “Hey, Katie, you’re going to have to jump.”

Katie says, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Jesus is like “I’ll catch you.”

Katie thinks for a second, then says, “Yeah… that’s not something I’m really interested in doing.”

The electricity comes on and gives Katie/me a pretty decent jolt, shooting me through the air.

Right now, I think I’m still airborne…. or maybe I’ve hit the ground and am not breathing. Who knows?

Regardless, that jolt of electricity was pretty painful. And starting to breathe again might even suck. But it’s one of those things where I know that if He hadn’t jolted me so hard, I’d just be a fried person clinging to the top of a fence… and one of those dinosaurs would’ve had a nice Katie Barbecue.


5 thoughts on “By His Grace, Not Barbecued

    • Ula – Thanks for putting up with my frantic email last week. I’ll totally write you something real here soon… maybe after I’m breathing again.

      Without knowing it, you have been a great comfort to me.

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