Reader Lori posted this amazing story on her blog A DISPLAY OF HIS SPLENDOR. AMazing!

The other night I stopped into Subway to get a sub for my husband and I for supper. I thought it would be a quick trip in for some food, but it was anything but “fast”. Ahead of me were four people. Three were together and one was alone. The three that were together consisted of a Mom, a young lady (she said she was 25) and her boyfriend. Now this girl was super energetic and dancing around bumping her boyfriend. Honestly, it was rather annoying. My husband says I was in there for at least 30 minutes and I don’t doubt that estimation. I was tired and just wanted to get my food and get out.

Well, the discussion came up about dancing. One of the other ladies in line commented that she changed dancing partners long ago. She also said that she was old enough to be this young lady’s grandmother (although she didn’t look old enough to me). The girl seemed to feel sorry for the lady probably thinking what I was, that she was divorced or widowed. This would be the reason for the new partner. But that wasn’t the case at all. The woman went on to explain she “quit dancing with the devil years ago and now she dances with Jesus!” Immediately, a smile came across my face. I looked in awe at that woman who went on to explain that she realized that there was no one else she would rather dance through life with than the Lord. She got the attention of the young lady who said something like she wasn’t ready for that kind of dancing yet. She didn’t really get it, and that’s okay. In the midst of all of this, I thought to myself, who would have ever thought Jesus could be found at Subway? It was actually inspiring.

I love to be around people who openly share Jesus. I have to admit, I do not. Among other believers, I have no problem. But here was this woman, celebrating Jesus and sharing her faith right there in the line waiting for her sub. As natural as commenting on the weather, this woman slipped Jesus into the conversation. It was amazing. I don’t have that ability but I love to witness those who do.

In Second Timothy Paul charges…”preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort , with great patience and instruction.(2 Tim. 4:2) I believe that is exactly what this lady was doing. She was preaching Jesus with great patience to a girl who really didn’t want to hear it. But I will say that, this girl doesn’t realize the fact that a seed was planted that night. It will grow and fruit will eventually be born from that seed. It may take several years. Who knows? Only God knows. But the seed has been planted and is ready to be fed. God will continue to grow that seed. He will continue to show Himself to her. He will continue to call her name until she answers. It was a wonderful sight to behold.

I will probably never know what happens to that girl. Maybe, she decided to go to church for the first time this weekend. Maybe she won’t think anything of that encounter until someday when she gives her heart to Christ. I will probably never see her again and honestly won’t recognize her if I do. But what I will always recognize is the honest heart of a woman that shares Christ. I will always be amazed that the God of heaven chooses to use us to share His love. I will always be overwhelmed at the lengths God goes to in order to show His absolute love. And I will always remember that I saw Jesus standing in line at Subway!


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