Genesis 2 & 3 Are More

“Bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh” is one of my favorite phrases in all of language.

But it’s one line.

It’s one concept.

Genesis 2 & 3 are more than gender roles.

Are gender roles there?

Of course.

But the church so frequently leads me to hate one of my favorite phrases in all of language by trying to make the whole of creation into a how-to guide to marriage.

Something so beautiful as God breathing life into Adam cannont be boiled down to “Women were created as helpers.”

It hurts SO deeply.

It damages.

Not because submission isn’t beautiful. It is SO beautiful. It’s one of the reasons Jesus is so confusing-awesome… He submitted to His Father’s will above His own. As GOD, He submitted to death on a cross. But there are ways to take topics that are too heart-filling for words, and trivialize them. Genesis 2 & 3 are trivialized when we say that they’re about gender roles.

These chapters are SO much MORE.

Genesis 2 is about CREATION. (verses 4, 7 and 21-23)

It’s about REST and SABBATH. (verse 3)

It’s about GOOD and EVIL (9)



It’s about COMMUNITY and GENDER ROLES (18 * 21-24)

It’s about SHAME and VULNERABILITY (25)

Genesis 3 is about DECEPTION and EVIL (1)

It’s about ORIGINAL SIN and ARROGANCE (4-5)

It’s about SHAME (7)

It’s about BEING CAUGHT IN SIN (11 & 13)

It’s about BLAME (12)

And on and on and on.

There’s more.

A lot more.

I’m not even trying to include everything.

My point?

There is more to discipleship than marriage

God gave us this crazy awesome book of His word. It isn’t a how-to book. It isn’t a road-map or outline for how to live. It isn’t a list. It may teach things about how to live or how to be married. It may give us some lists (like the 10 commandments)…

But it’s more than that.

God’s word is ALWAYS more than we can ever imagine.

That’s why I’m worn out with gender roles. I have a whole category here on the blog dedicated to my struggle with my gender role.

I know it’s important and beautiful.

But that’s something that only matters to me BECAUSE I’ve got a firm gospel foundation… because I know God.

Otherwise, I may as well go back to being softball Katie who never wears dresses or tall shoes.

Because what does it matter?

Without God, my philosophy is “Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow I die.” It is NOT  “I should follow the gender roles laid out by a God I don’t need and don’t believe exists.”

The story of life is 1. God creates us. 2. We sin and become separated from Him. 3. Our hero God comes into the world and rescues us. 4. Our hero God restores us to closeness with Him.

The story is NOT 1. God creates us. 2. We sin and become separated from Him. 3. We get married. 4. Hero God rescues us. 5. Hero God restores us.

Marriage is important, but it isn’t the primary story. It’s a sidequest.

Maybe it’s part of your story and most peoples’ stories, but it isn’t even the primary story for husbands and wives. It isn’t the gospel.

How about this? I just went to the Arizona Department of Health Services website and looked some stuff up.

1. In 1950, there were about 27 marriages a year for every 1,000 people living in Arizona.

2. In 2006 (the most recent data I found), it was only 6 marriages a year for every 1,000 residents.

Fewer people are getting married.

Like less than a fourth as many.

3. According the the ADHS website, in 2006, about 60% of Arizona’s population was married. That means that 40% were single.

The people in our churches don’t need weekly instruction on marriage partly because they aren’t all married… and sure, you could argue that the majority of church attenders are married, but maybe there’d be more single people in the pews if marriage wasn’t the centerpiece of our sermons. What are those 40% supposed to be doing while the church preaches marriage?

Prepare, you say?

Sure… I’ll live my life in the future. I’ll prepare for a moment in life that God may never have for me. I’ll even wallow in it. I’ll cry myself to sleep because all there is for me to do right now is prepare.

And I will be worthless in the here and now.

Ignoring or minimizing creation and original sin is ridiculous. All of that stuff about God creating me, choosing me before the foundations of the world, dying for me, and restoring me is more than important. It is the foundation.


One thought on “Genesis 2 & 3 Are More

  1. I -really- like this philosophy here.
    Genesis is my favorite chapter because it was easy to read without worrying about details (until later on…). It was the “exposition”, so to say. And I like expositions.
    That, and I’ve been struggling with gender roles my entire life, having been an extreme tomboy in elementary/middle school, and having been teased a lot as a result.

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