The Ten Minute Thing Again


I’m incapable of putting together a decent post nowadays, so we return to my favorite fallback plan: the ten minute post. I’m going to write for ten minutes and give you whatever comes of it.

There is a gnat flying around my face right now, trying to land on one of my eyeballs.

I’m currently listening to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-along-blog “My Eyes” on my bed with a nice black cherry candle burning and the windows open to the dark night.

I got to Season 4 of The Guild finally, but I’m finding that Wil Wheaton has ruined the show. I liked it better before he came along.

For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been trying to put together a playlist of songs that go along with my manuscript, which is really fun and challenging. 🙂 Ba-da-ba-BA-ba I’m lovin’ it.

Uh-oh. It’s only been three minutes of writing, and I’m out of things to write about.


On Thursday night, I’m going on a night hike with a couple of friends, which is one of the awesome things of the week that I’m really looking forward to. Last week, Friend Shasta and I went with just the two of us. I got to wear my jeggings and headlamp, and we saw a crazy centipede-like creature and two skunks.

I finished reading a book about writing this morning. I think when I finish this post, I’ll probably start re-reading Stephen King’s On Writing because I haven’t read it since I got all serious about authoring and whatnot. Also, it’s pretty much the best book about writing that I’ve ever read. 🙂

I met Neighbor Joe today, which was fantastic. We’ve lived next to him for more than a year now, so it was cool to meet him officially. Usually, we just say hi to each other in the mornings on my way out to work. He’s pretty much the best neighbor ever – although Virginia is pretty cool too. When I was little, I lived in Flagstaff, and our neighbor was this wonderful cat lady named Barbara. She had lots of cats, and let me and my sister come over for tea like we were all growed up. Pretty much any day we were bored, we’d wander over to her yard and hang out with her. 🙂

School is ending soon, which I’m pretty jazzed about. I’m thinking about taking a class over the summer. Possibly Biology because I should have taken it about a decade ago. I don’t know that I want to pay for it, but that’s probably the only way I’ll take it seriously.

The moment after I sent off my most recent revisions on my manuscript, I figured out the one thing that would have made those chapters exponentially more engaging.

I need to exercise more. Warrior Dash is this Sunday. Lori and I are running it, which I’m really looking forward to. We’re supposed to get a cool warrior helmet! Cool, huh? It only I’d trained.

One minute left to go.

I started reading Speak last night, and it’s taking me longer to get into it than I’d like. I’m not great at reading novels written entirely like journals. I like dialogue. And I like to know more about the setting than people who journal are apt to write about.

Speaking of journals, I’m almost finished with one! This is mostly exciting because the next one I’m going to write in is a Beetles Yellow Submarine thing. Everyone probably needs to come over and watch the animated Yellow Submarine film with me. PLEASE.

Time’s up.



2 thoughts on “The Ten Minute Thing Again

  1. you should totally take bio this summer! i think im going to take ballet and im so excited about it! also…speak is amazing but its probably more amazing if you’re in that kind of mood. read on!

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