I WILL Break Something!

I read for about 6 hours yesterday to get to page 311 of Suzanne Collins’s CATCHING FIRE, and I want you all to know that I WILL break something if Finnick dies to save Peeta!


*UPDATE: I didn’t have to break anything. 🙂


3 thoughts on “I WILL Break Something!

  1. Katie, I finished the series last week. I won’t say anything about it now, but tell me what you think after you have read the 3rd one!

    I’m excited for the movies, the books seem written for the screen. The descriptions of the setting, scenery and actions are very vivid!

    • I totally agree with you about the movies… in particular CATCHING FIRE because of Finnick. I have a pretty big crush on him 🙂

      And who could blame me? A trident-wielding guy with a heart for the crazy girl at home. I’m sold.

      It’ll probably be awhile before I get to the next book. I only read this one now because my sister decided to censor it out of my nephews’ shelves because of the part where what’s-her-name gets onto the elevator all naked to freak Katniss out 🙂 They gave me the hardcover for free.

  2. oh that’s awesome! about the free book i mean. i have to say that i really liked the 3rd one, but there were some disappointing parts… with her writing i mean, it’s like she was in a rush… ehh.. oops. that’s all i’ll say.

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