Ghost Towns!

Over Spring Break, I visited a couple of ghost towns to take pictures as research for my manuscript. The pictures do a few things for me. They help me solidify the images in my head. When I don’t know how to describe the color of dead desert grass, I can look at a picture and the words eventually come. They also help me with the mechanics. It’s really difficult to describe the way certain things work. We take too much for granted for me to know how to describe it all.

So… here are my pictures. All of these are from Tombstone!

I'm pretty sure I photgraphed all of the 2-story buildings in the entire town, because there are only 2 of them in my manuscript, and I want to describe them well. They HAVE to be special!

This is a saloon, and there's totally a saloon in my book! I like the twinkle lights, and the table cloths. I know it's dark, but this is one of my favorite pictures from the research.

Planked sidewalks!

Okay... so I don't have anything in my book that's quite like this, but wouldn't that be the coolest jacket for a ghost town villain to wear? I'm thinking about working it in.

This light is gorgeous. I even like that one of the bulbs is out. That makes it all the more beautiful.

It didn't occur to me to include a hitching post in my book, but it is SO necessary, right?

I'm not gonna lie. I definitely included a courthouse in my book without having any conception in my mind of how it would look. I think I ended up doing a mini version of Gringotts' Wizarding Bank... so this picture is REALLY helpful. 🙂

I think my favorite feature of my entire town is the outdoor spiral staircase at the Grand Hotel. However, I haven't been able to find a single suitable model for it. I want it to be wooden and the only ones I've found are metallic like this one.

This nearly perfectly matches the parking lot in my book.

Okay, so maybe this picture wasn't research, but how could I resist? Of course I'm Doc Holliday's girfriend.

Saloon doors!

Don't you love how specific they are in Bisbee?

My mom and I may have gotten lost once or twice, but we always walk the high road.

And that’s all folks!


7 thoughts on “Ghost Towns!

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  2. I’ve been to Tombstone before, and I had pizza and nachos in that saloon. There were a LOT of people there when I went.

    A ghost town seems like a really fun and unique subject for a non-western story, too. I need to do some research on intergalactic passenger vessels…do you happen to know where I could find some?

    • Hmmm… intergalactic passenger vessels, eh? I might know a friend of a friend whose best friend’s older sister’s boyfriend can hook it up. I think his name is Zaphod Beeblebrox. He’s weird and slightly two-faced, but it might be worth it to call him up 🙂

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