Nothing is Instant Pudding!

“Writing isn’t a straight, purposeful line. You don’t walk from point A to point B. You may jump to point Z; realize you hate it; hurry to Q; spend a few hours there; and then zip back to J, N, and C, only to end up at point A again…

Writing isn’t instant pudding. You don’t add boiling water and stir. It’s a mysterious process that can’t be hurried.”


I had coffee with a friend yesterday, and I was trying to explain to her my struggle with excruciating vulnerability. I was saying that it’s one of the more frustrating spiritual struggles for me because I can’t just fix it. I can’t put together a list of things to do, do the things, and then PRESTO! I’m healthily vulnerable! It’s one of those things that I have to patiently wait for God to shape in my heart. I have to ask Him to do it for me.

Reading this little bit out of the crazy insightful YOUNG WRITER’S HANDBOOK, I realized that I’ve been trying to make my relationship with God instant pudding. I realized that that’s what everyone does with everything. And the weird thing is that even though I know certain things aren’t instant pudding, when friends ask me for advice, I try to give them step-by-step instructions. My newest response: nothing is instant pudding. You’re going to have to pray, think, try, pray think, read, try, pray, try, listen, pray, read, try, pray… that’s the only tried and true way of life. 🙂


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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