Spring Break!

I get Spring break next week!



That’s all I have to say to all of you who work regular jobs that you don’t lose every year. Teaching may be ridiculous and underappreciated… BUT I GET A WEEK OFF!


What am I going to do with that week? Glad you asked. Let me show you.

Okay… so I neglected to include all of the writing that will happen next week, but that’s a given. I may also have neglected to include all of the girly stuff that’s going to happen next week, like the cooking something new and exciting… no I have no idea what that new and exciting thing will be, but if anyone is having a bad day and wants to text me something like, “I’m sad… cook me some food,” I plan to gladly oblige – especially if you ask on Friday. 🙂 I could probably just invite people over, but that’s not nearly as fun.

Other things you’re all welcome to participate in next week: Phoenix on Monday for time away, which will most definitely include a few hours at Starbucks and a long walk, some sort of thing with the Johnsons (maybe lunch?), and relaxing driving with LOUD music and talking outloud to self and god. On Wednesday, Mommy and I are going to check out some ghosttowns because there’s one in my current WIP (work in progress).

And that’s all you’re invited to! Just kidding – you’re invited to church on Satuday and/or Sunday. But if you call me before 9:00 am on any of the Spring break days, all bets are off. You are disinvited from EVERYTHING!

*Cool thing I just noticed: I have the house to myself starting early this morning and ending Monday! I will have to walk around in my underwear, sing at the top of my lungs, WRITE, read out loud, SING, and other secret things that no one gets to know about!


One more thing: I may take random days off next week in addition to Wednesday. Creative Katie is having more than a little trouble coming up with new posts and will use next week to rejenerate!


4 thoughts on “Spring Break!

    • I’m pretty jazzed that it’s moved, becuase I have to lead bible study around 7:30, and I can totally justify being late, but I wasn’t sure I could handle missing it completely… also, having it downtown puts me closer to the bs location. 🙂 I’m also jazzed about your birthday party on Sunday. I’ll probably be late to that too, but I’ll come right over after church!

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