Just to Enjoy

When I read REDEEMING LOVE, I was struck by something it said:

“He had not married her to have a drudge.  He wanted a woman as part of his life – part of himself,” (141).

*Update: I started writing this post last week, and it wasn’t coming together. I wrote and rewrote about 6 different paragraphs that I just now deleted. …I’ve been rereading one of John Piper’s books (not DESIRING GOD, but one with a similar title like WHEN I DON’T DESIRE GOD: HOW TO FIGHT FOR JOY – I unfortunately don’t remember the title and am too lazy to get out of bed and find the book) and the first chapter lays out a contrast between duty and delight, so my intent with this post was to show how important it is to see witness duty and delight in human relationships. If the only examples I have are marriages in which women are drudges, it’s nearly impossible to believe that Christ would have me as anything more than that. It’s nearly impossible to believe in the delight part of the relationship.

That’s where I intended to go with this post.

Then, I was talking to Eucalyptus Biscuit just now and something struck me about our conversation that I think relates. Ready?

Katie: I really enjoyed (boy I like) tonight.

Eucalyptus Biscuit: Oh yeah? Why?

Long pause

Katie: I don’t know. I just enjoyed him.

EB: Oh.

And then I went to my room and thought about how I didn’t have a blog post planned out. And now, here I am writing it 🙂

But the more I think about it, the more I’m seeing a piece of truth in my conversation with EB. Here’s what I’m seeing:

Why don’t I just enjoy more often?

Usually when girls talk about their romantic endeavors, they talk about this or that little moment that made them think there was progress. “I mean, he sat next to me when he didn’t have to. That has to mean something, right?” “He texted me out of the blue today. What do you think that means?” etc…Why doesn’t the conversation ever go “I really enjoy him.” The end. Or “I had fun with him tonight.” The end. ? Why isn’t the enjoyment enough? Why is it truly an endeavor?

My thesis: Our inability to just enjoy people with no agenda attached – hold … do I want something to happen with this boy? Yes. If nothing happens, does that make him any less enjoyable? no – continue – Our inability to enjoy people with no agenda attached is indicative of our inability to enjoy ANYONE with no agenda attached. It’s indicative of my inability to enjoy God with no agenda attached.

There have been very few times when I’ve sat with God, having no clue where He was leading me, no analysis of how He’s piecing my life together, no nagging for this or that thing that I want. hold – do I want God to use me in magical, awesome, stupendous, HUGE ways that include overseas missions and a 3-book deal with Scholastic? Yes. If none of that happens, is He any less enjoyable? no. – continue.

There have been very few times when I’ve just enjoyed God.

Why isn’t enjoying Him enough?


What are your thoughts on life, the universe, and everything?

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