Wednesday morning, I woke up with every intention of going to work. I went on Tuesday and everything was fine. I even felt crappier on Tuesday than I did when I woke up on Wednesday.

I went through about half of my morning routine and without thinking much about it, walked to the other wing of our house to Eucalyptus Biscuit and said, “Do I have your permission to stay home today?”

She gave me permission.

Then I asked her, “Do I have your permission to have dinner with Katie even though I’m not going to work today.” (I’ve not gone crazy and started talking about myself in 3rd person. Katie Reich is not the same as me).

She thought for a minute, told me about a time when she stayed home from school because of Strep Throat but still went to a concert that night. Then she gave me permission to go to dinner with Katie, so I went to my room, ordered a sub to teach my classes for the day, and wrote some lesson plans. Then I went back to bed.

*Sidenote: I’d like you all to know that I’ve been sick 3 times this year and it’s only March.

The only thing I accomplished on Wednesday besides dinner with Katie and the lesson plans was reading. I finished reading Kiersten White’s PARANORMALCY, and it’s time for me to review it for you I think.

PARAMORMALCY isn’t actually my usual read. It’s on the swoony teenage girls side of YA, but I really like Kiersten’s blog, and she’s one of those awesome writers I’ve been stalking for awhile in the hopes that she’ll eventually become my BFF, so I thought I’d give it a try.

PARANORMALCY is about 16-yr-old Evie, who bounced around foster homes as a tiny tike, but was found by a strange agency called IPCA (International Paranormal Containment Agency). They basically collect paranormals – vampires, werewolves, hags, faeries, etc… – give them jobs and neutralize them so they can’t be a danger to society. Turns out that Evie fits right in at IPCA because she’s a one-of-a-kind (or so she thinks) paranormal who can see through the outer appearances of other paranormals.

Evie is smart, girly, tough, and awesome. IPCA uses her to identify paranormals and bring them in. Her weapon of choice is a pink taser and she wishes she could be normal every once-in-awhile.

The first few chapters for PARANORMALCY were a little difficult for me to get into. When I’m reading about supernatural/paranormal worlds, it takes me a little bit of time to suspend my disbelief – especially if stasis (that’s the part of the book before crap starts happening… it’s the norm for whatever world we’re in) is already paranormal. That’s one of the things that made J.K. Rowling’s world so appealing to me. She started us out in suburbia, normal stasis… THEN moved us to magical wizarding land.

That being said, the first few chapters are my ONLY complaint about PARANORMALCY. I loved everything else about it. I loved the 1st person narrative and I thought Kiersten did a brilliant job of giving us the true thoughts of a teenage girl. I loved getting to read the first kiss thoughts, which were beautifully naive and gentle. I loved the 1st prom, 1st boyfriend, 1st trip to school, 1st whatever moments. The book was real without being at all trashy. In fact, the abstinence educator in me applauds Kiersten’s work in a genre increasingly saturated by one-dimensional characters who ruin their lives for romance. I also liked that Evie’s love interest wasn’t without parent supervision.

I whole-heartedly recommend PARANORMALCY to teen girls (it’s definitely a YA paranormal romance), and I’m still hoping Kiersten White will notice my frequent comments on her blog and become my BFF. She’s exactly the kind of writer I want to be.

The second book in the series is called SUPERNATURALLY and is coming to a store near you on August 30th. You can read Kiersten’s blog by clicking here.

Oh yeah, and one more thing… How about that cover art? Awesome, right?


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