Oh the Vanity!

Lately, STILL GROWING has felt a lot like a Facebook Profile. I’ve posted pictures and I haven’t written much that’s helpful to anyone; it makes me feel a lot like a lump of vanity.

I promise I think about deep and meaningful things sometimes – just not right now. Or more accurately, I’m thinking deep and meaningful things that I can’t formulate into a post or that test the bounds of privacy a bit too much.

Also, I’m really busy right now.

Good busy.

I’m pretty sure I’ve found at least one critique partner I’ll be working with regularly for awhile so now I have writerly deadlines and whatnot, which is really cool and will hopefully help me on my road to being published. This week, I need rewrite chapters 1 – 3  2 & 3 (That’s right! Chapter 1 is rewritten! Two more to go!) and re-read chapters 4 – 6 before sending them to Crit. Buddy Ben and new Friend Paul from New Church Revolution.

I’ve also got to do some serious budgeting (and my taxes) because I’m planning on losing my job again at the end of this school year, and I’m not planning on working super hard to get another teaching job if that happens. It’s interesting, but I actually created STILL GROWING, or at least the first incarnation of it on Blogger, about this time last year when I lost my job and decided to get serious about this whole getting published thing. Since then, I’ve finished a draft of my first full manuscript, I’ve researched the industry like mad, found a crit. partner or two, started revisions, run a half-marathon, oh yeah – got my job back and finished most of another school year, had a bajillion ministry experiences, grown a bunch spiritually, and had an altogether splendid time. I wouldn’t have predicted those happenings, and I feel impossibly blessed. All of you – my lovely readers – have gotten me through hard times and happy ones. And I salute you. You are always kind, always genuine, and always in my prayers. Thank you for an amazing year.

Wow – I didn’t intend to go there with this post at all. Mostly, I planned to announce that I’m taking at least Wednesday off of blogging this week and as many more days as it takes me to come up with some deep thoughts. 🙂

Let me know if there are any deep thoughts you’d like for me to write down. If not, I’ll probably be pretty boring and shallow for a bit. Hopefully you like me well enough to stick around.

Everyone have a great week until I see you again.


4 thoughts on “Oh the Vanity!

  1. It’s often difficult to come up with valuable things to say every day, which, for the most part, you have, so you deserve a break from offering the deep insight you usually do. And it’s awesome that you’re getting things done with the manuscript and seriously working to get published!

  2. It’s funny when you look back over a year and realize all that you have been through. It’s actually kind of cool. I like your new profile pic. It’s the one I voted for:)

    • Thanks, Hannibal… we all deserve a break, right? And I’m under the weather. 🙂

      Good choice, Lori. Shasta did a great job, and your vote was definitely correct. That wasn’t my favorite photo at first, but it seems like the right one now that it’s up there looking all official and whatnot.

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