Evidence of the Delicate Flower

Nike Girl: So you’re looking for some shoes for running?

Katie: Yeah. I ran the P.F. Chang’s half last month and lost a couple of toenails because of my shoes.

Nike Girl: Okay. Well, we have these (insert ridiculous hard-core sounding name of shoe type) and these (insert less hard-core shoe name that sounds like a winged mystical creature). What’s your size?

Katie: I think I’m going with nines today. Eight-and-a-halves were what I was wearing when I lost the nails.

Nike Girl: Well, go ahead and sit down and I’ll bring you some to try on.

[Nike Girl brings 3 -4 pairs of shoes and Katie starts to try them on – occasionally jogging around the store in them to make sure they feel right. Katie sits down and takes off the last pair.]

Katie: What about those ones?

Nike Girl: The (insert really hard-core shoe name)?

Katie: Those teal and neon green ones.

Nike Girl: Those are for less serious runners.

Katie: What’s the difference?

Nike Girl: The ones you’ve been trying on are meant for people who run thirty miles a week. The (hard-core shoe name) is more casual.

Katie: Can I try them anyways?

Nike Girl: What race are you doing again.

[Nike Girl is trying not to roll her eyes as Katie tries on the more expensive and less-functional shoes.]

Katie: The Ragnar.

Nike Girl: You really want to make sure you have the right shoes for a race like that.

Katie: I know, right? I’ll look completely epic in these!

Nike Girl: Didn’t you say you lost two toenails at your last race?

[Katie doesn’t answer, but prances around the store for a bit in the teal/neon green (hard-core shoe name)]

Nike Girl: Why don’t you just try these ones on one more time for me? If you don’t like them, I’ll leave you alone.

Katie: Okay.

[She slides off the pretty, epic, light, attractive, non-functional awesome shoes and puts on the inexpensive normal white ones and immediately feels the wonderful padding and support. She frowns.]

Katie: I should probably get these, huh?

[Nike Girl shrugs].

Katie: Fine. [She sighs.] So much for looking awesome in my jeggings and teal/neon shoes… I guess I’ll just have to resign myself to unattractiveness for the race.


4 thoughts on “Evidence of the Delicate Flower

  1. Love this Katie!! I totally understand your want for the ‘cuter’ shoes! And it’s neat that you really did like them more, it is evidence of the delicate flower you have been nurturing! Haha!

    I went to the sporting goods store to buy some shoes for jump roping. I tried on a lot of different ones and wanted to get the best ones that bounced just right on my toes. But I really LIKED the tan, pink, and teal ones. I ended up getting the SOLID white ones that look like hospital shoes. =( But they ARE good for jumping! =D

  2. but why oh why can’t they add some color to them? they can still be functional and look awesome right? or maybe that’s an oxymoron… hmm.

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