Brain Dump #18

Since I live in Tucson where it’s never very cold, this video completely fascinated me!

Here’s a video that brought tears to my eyes. I’ve been thinking and praying a lot about Cambodia lately, and this video gripped me.

OH NO! Borders can’t make rent 😦

The youth in Egypt are protecting the libraries! Awesome.

Evidently I’m all about the videos. This one made me smile a lot. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 (Even though Shasta stole my thunder by posting it first… I saw it at least two days before the Superbowl. HA!)


6 thoughts on “Brain Dump #18

  1. Katie. I am sitting at home on another snow day (we got like 4 inches yesterday!) and this post was awesome! I love the frozen bubbles, that was awesome! I’ve never seen such a thing! I loved the article about the young people protecting the library and museums in Egypt. The video of Cambodia saddened me, and makes me realize how much of the world is in civil unrest even today.

    • I wish we had a snow day today. I’m at work, but there isn’t actually much for me to do. Tuesdays are my easy day. The first hour of my day was supposed to be a deparment meeting, but they told me to hide in my room with the lights off and get work done because my ELD stuff doesn’t always relate to the English Department. Plus, all English classes do 30 minutes of silent reading, so I’m in my second and last class of the day and the kiddos are reading silently. I have to test a kid during my planning period, but I’m pretty much doing nothing right now. I don’t even have very much grading to do 😦 so I’m just reading and teasing one of my students by calling him Flamingo.

  2. ohhh… i see. well at least you are almost done for the day. umm… total side note… did you know your time and date on your blog is off? it is really weird that it’s in the future! 😀 oh hey! after i watched the video you posted on vulnerability i recommended a friend from church check out your blog. she really liked your post and the video. she told me that she has actually been studying vulnerability and your post/and video was just what she needed! how cool is that?! 😀 call me when you can!

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