Ten Minutes

I don’t have any ideas about what to write right now, so I’m going to time myself and just give you whatever comes out for ten minutes. I know of some other bloggers who’ve done this, and while I may generate a bunch of really bad writing, there is also a chance that I’ll come up with something surprising and awesome that makes me famous.

  • I’m sitting in Starbucks right now, and there’s a guy sitting in front of me who just opened up his laptop. His wallpaper is a really big picture of a gorrilla and it reminds me of Cocoa. Cocoa was this adorable creature some lady taught how to communicate using sign language. My sister and I had a book about Cocoa when we were little – with big pictures that made me really happy.
  • A long time ago, I promised to give you a new narrative with visual aids, and I want you to know that I feel completely sad and sorry that I haven’t done it yet. My excuse is that the pics are really time-consuming and not at all as fun as you’d think they’d be to create. But I’m still working on it and will post it for you soon. Also on my mind for future post topics: Bette Midler (my favorite from age 7 – 14), Annabelle (because I love my beast a lot), Shane and Beth (my cousin Shane is sincerely one of my heroes. Also, I’m pretty sure Beth has subscribed to the blog and is next in line for a narrative), Eucalyptus Biscuit (because she’s an amazing roommate who I love), and something about the sovereignty of God (because I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately). Unfortunately, I don’t have much energy right now to write about any of those things. I’ve obviously lost all of the momentum I previously had going with being more than a day ahead on post drafts, and now I’m having to resort to ten-minute freewrites that aren’t even edited before being published.
  • On the fiction front, life just keeps kicking my behind, and I think it’s about time that I give up on a timeline for the book. I’ll finish this round of revisions whenever I finish. I’ll send the manuscript to Reader Mike and finalize my query template and stalk agents a bit . Then I will revise again while sending out queries. Whenever that happens, it happens. No more pressuring myself. I think I’ve driven myself into insanity with working full-time, meeting with friends and ladies from church, keeping up with the blog, and revising the manuscript every day. Oh yeah, and I was training for a half-marathon. Tonight, I think I’m going to do yoga in an attempt to exercise without being exhausted.

And my ten minutes are up.. three minutes ago.

So thank you for checking in. I love you all very much and love so much how you’ve commented and supported me in recent distresses… even those of you who’ve never met me in real life have been AMAZING!


One thought on “Ten Minutes

  1. Koko is still alive and kicking, Katie! I was looking her up recently because I used to love watching her sign, and I wanted to see when she got her first kitty. She loved that kitty, it was so cute! Check out the organization’s website: http://www.koko.org/index.php

    I’m excited about your next narrative with pictures! It’ll be a neat post!

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