Mostly Dead

You’ve probably noticed that it’s been a few days since I last posted anything for you here.  Well… things have been sucky lately, and I just haven’t had the time.  I planned out a lovely post for you today, complete with Princess Bride references to Miracle Max and true love, but just about the time I sat down to write about how I’ve been mostly dead for the past few days, things started sucking a bit more, and being mostly dead didn’t seem as funny.

Still, I should like to check in with you now and then, just to see your smiling faces and let you know how things are STILL GROWING in my life.  So forgive me for not being very witty right now.

The weekend started off well enough with a wonderful bit of fun at Lawrence’s Settlers of Catan party.  I didn’t win the game, but I really enjoyed playing, seeing as Danny and I formed a sort of trading alliance for most of the game, and Mike ended up taking Danny’s place and winning.  Saturday, I rode up to Phoenix with Shasta and Chris, and there were several good conversations and laughs, and we met Newfriend Nick.  Shasta and I even stole a few minutes alone to have a good talk.  Unfortunately, there was a moment during our talk when my voice took a distinct turn towards the raspy, which was the onset of my mostly deadness.  After that, we went to the Rock n Roll PF Changs marathon expo thing, then raced over to the Johnson’s house for dinner (thanks to Adam for giving us a last-minute lift). At the Johnson’s, I enjoyed being around people I love oh-so-very-much, and I tried to get some sleep as my mostly-deadness was becoming pretty obvious and people were starting to ask why I was losing my voice.  So I took some Ny-Quil and got a horrible night’s sleep.

On Sunday, we got up early and headed out to the race.  I had all sorts of muscle aches, head aches, raspy throat, and labored breathing pain going on… but come on.  I had to do the race, right.

Okay.  So there may have been nine or ten times when I talked myself out of running and then back in to it, but my competitive nature got the better of me.  I moved back a couple of corals planning to run the entire race at whatever pace Lori set.

Once the race started, I was feeling decent.  I definitely had to pee right away, and so made a pit stop at the McDonalds Lisa told me she and Dave had stopped at the year before.  I peed quickly then caught up with Lori, but she was having her own problems with the running, and I just wanted to get the thing done with, so I left her behind pretty early on.

Around the 5K mark, a barefoot man passed me, which made me feel pretty pathetic.

Other than that, the run went well.  I walked all of the water stations, and kept a steady pace for all 13 miles.  Around mile twelve, I passed Lawrence and the gang.  He ran beside me for a few minutes, taking pictures of me as if I were picture-worthy.  I forced myself to enjoy the moment rather than thinking about how hideous I probably looked (*okay, I may have thought about my appearance a little).  I sprinted through the finish line, got my medal, a banana, and some water, and started back up to where the gang was.  It was about this time that my foot really started getting to me.  I’d noticed a little pain around mile 8 and a few times later, but ignored it.  However, it wasn’t to be ignored anymore, so I took off my shoes and walked in socked feet about a mile back.

When I go to the group, I sat down on the curb and took a look at my foot.  Here’s what I saw:

Yep. The lady bug tattoo proves that that is my foot. Maybe I should buy some new shoes, eh?

I sat for about five minutes before I fully remembered the mostly dead thing that my body had been doing before the run.  My muscle aches came back, my head hurt, my throat hurt, and I added in some nausea to the mix.  I sat with my head on my knees for about ten minutes, just focusing on my breathing and drank some water (*thanks again, Adam… evidently he was the hero of the weekend).

Shasta and Ashly finished the race, and everyone was going to walk down to the finish line to retrieve them.  I, however, wasn’t in much of a state to walk, so Maria and I just waited there.  And can I just say that I’m pretty proud of myself for NOT acting like everything was fine.  Normally, no one would have had any clue how jacked up I felt right at that moment, and while I don’t think I completely let them see it, it’s a major breakthrough that I let them see it at all.

I breathed and got my nausea under control.  Adam brought me some more water, and it all ended up being okay.  We went to lunch, and I felt a bajillion times better after eating.  I hard-core slept in the van nearly all the way back to Tucson, except when I woke up with an urgent need to pee.  Once we got home, I showed off my toe a bit, showered, and went to bed… at 7:00.  At around 10:00, the mostly deadness overtook me with a coughing fit that had my roommates worried.  Then, I went back to bed and didn’t emerge from my room until about 3:00 pm the next afternoon.  Had I to do it again, I would have made myself get up and eat and drink at least twice during that time, but I definitely had all of the same symptoms from the previous day, plus chills and dehydration, and I couldn’t think of anything worth getting out of bed for.  I was so sick that I didn’t even watch tv.  I wouldn’t answer my phone because it hurt too much to talk.  I showered 3 times because the steam felt nice, and I went back to sleep at around 10:00 last night.

Needless to say, I didn’t go to work today.  I drank an entire jug of OJ, and I even made an outing to get some food.  So things are looking up.  I’ve progressed enough so as to be able to sleep through tv shows, and I suspect that tomorrow I will be able to stay awake and actually watch them.  My mommy brought over some chicken noodle soup, I lost my toenail, and I’ve written this blog post.  Other things in life aren’t going great right at the moment, but God has been taking care of me.

My official half marathon time was 2 hrs. 19 mins., which was just shy of my goal.  I suppose I can forgive myself, though, since I did destroy my feet and was pretty much sicker than I’ve ever been.  Next time, I’ll do it in 2:10:00 🙂

Congrats to everyone who ran this weekend, and especially my co-first-timers Ashly, Shasta, and Chris (Sorry, Lori… I think you’re the most experienced our of all of us… nice job, though:)  and to MGM who ran the full marathon in way shorter than his goal time.  I’m constantly blown away with the shear awesomeness he displays 🙂


3 thoughts on “Mostly Dead

  1. the picture of the barefoot runner is the most fascinating. is there someone running in high heels and jeans in the top left corner of the picture???

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