!!!!!!! BLAHTHERATION!!!!!!!!!

It’s almost over!  I just got back to my classroom after a lovely faculty breakfast at which the encore student choir performed.  I especially liked watching the adorable boy who was too small for his suspenders and for the part in the choreography when a girl who had at least 30 lbs on him jumped into his arms.  It was ADORABLE.

I’m now trying to talk myself into grading 30 or so more papers and entering grades online.  Then I’m DONE!

It’s been a rough week, seeing as I locked myself out of my house (or at least thought I did) last night, locked myself out of the school this morning, and avoided sleep in an unfortunate manner all week.  However, all is well.  Roommate Amy cleverly texted me from her karaoke fun last night to point out that Roommate Alix was home and there was no need for me to stand outside in the rain for half an hour examining the windows in hopes of 007-ing it inside.  Even though Roommate Alix wasn’t answering her phone and was really sick and probably drugged to the point of heavy sleep, the doorbell is loud enough that even the Nighquil, or whatever that stuff is called, isn’t strong enough to overcome it.

I’m looking forward to dinner with Lori #1 tonight, since we haven’t spent time together in 3 weeks or so. 

Here’s a picture of fog:

I don’t actually know if this is fog, but it seems like an appropriate guess. I was on my way to get coffee this morning because this has been the week of caffination for me, and the “fog” in tucson caught me off-guard.

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