Out of Steam

Good morning!  I’ve run out of writing steam for the week, so here are some pictures & a reason to comment:

Lady bugs bring me joy, and this one meandered through our yard last week.

I had a meeting at Language Acquisition last week, and I got there way too early. Therefore, I went for a walk and found an enormous turtle to ride.

See - I told you I don't always eat lean pockets for breakfast!

I ate these two eggs for breakfast yesterday, and I over-easyed them except that I cooked them for super long so that the yolk turned into a gel rather than the normal goo.  Today, I had scrambled eggs, and it got me to thinking about Runaway Bride and how she didn’t know which kind of eggs she liked best… so I wonder what all of you think.  How do you like your eggs?  Scrambled is my favorite.


7 thoughts on “Out of Steam

  1. I also like overhard. No gooey stuff. Scrambled is classic though.

    By the way, when are you registering for PF changs?? Are you planning on staying the night before? Packet pick up is on the 15th and there is no race day pick up… I might just drive up there twice. This race is going to be crazy, they’re expecting like 25,000 people for the half only i think… the starting times vary by like 40 minutes! Anyway, wanna get dinner tomorrow night?

    • I have to go to a girl’s night thingy tomorrow, but I was just thinking about how we need to hang out. I miss you.

      I’m already registered for PF Changs, and a few of us are talking about renting a room and staying the night. That way, we can go back and sit in the pool when we’re all tuckered out. 🙂

  2. It depends on where and when I am having eggs. If I am on vacation, I prefer an omlet. If I am out of town on work in CA, I always order “over medium”. If I am at home with Lisa, I always have them scrambled. So there…

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