A Birthday Fairy Tale From Jordan

My birthday is on Tuesday.  I will be 26, so this weekend I threw myself a party.  It was a combination RockBand/Bible party, and it was stellar – by far the best birthday I’ve ever had.  There were bunches of people who attended and made me feel loved.  They rocked out like there was no tomorrow, and several of them read through Romans, Ephesians, and Galatians with me.  Then, I got up and drove to Phoenix this morning to hear Pastor Dave preach, which I haven’t had the good fortune of experiencing in OH SO LONG.  It was wonderful.  I used the drive up there to sort out some of the overwhelming thoughts currently overcooking  my noodle.  I had lunch with the Johnsons, and all was peace and joyment.  I picked up friend Lisa at the Phoenix airport and just barely made it back to Tucson in time for Crossing Church.

Now I face the unfortunate reality of work in the morning, which I’d rather face than the not having work problem.  So I should probably just leave you with the best part of my birthday, which comes to us via Hallmark and Friend Jordan who sent me this brilliant card/story.

A Birthday Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was like a size four or something.  She could eat and drink whatever she wanted and always stayed really skinny and had flat, firm abs even though she never went to the gym.  Every time she tried on jeans, the very frist pair fit perfectly and made her butt look amazing.  She lived in a great big, beautiful castle with her handsome, multimillionaire husband, who was busy all the time buying her giant diamonds, taking her to Hawaii, giving her foot massages, and telling her how beautiful she was.

One day, she was eaten by a dragon and no one cared.

The End.

Hope you birthday’s (even) better than a fairy tale.

Reading that card from Friend Jordan was by far the highlight of a better than fairy tale kind of weekend.

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was joyful and relaxing, and here’s to better than fairy tale weeks for us all.



3 thoughts on “A Birthday Fairy Tale From Jordan

  1. Katie! I am so glad you liked the card! I actually bought it in April or something and have been holding onto it since then waiting to give it to you! I knew you would love it!

    I am glad you had a great birthday party, and wish I could have joined! It sounds like a perfect unfairytale kind of birthday! xoxoxoo love you. jordan

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