My Life by Katie James

In 1997, my English teacher assigned my class to create a book called MY LIFE.  It had a Table of Contents that made it all official with page numbers and everything.

Table of Contents

Title Page  …  1

Table of Contents  … 2

Personal Phase  … 3-4

Do You Remember  … 5

Family Phase  … 6-7

School Phase  …  8-9

Life Map  …  10

Allison’s Birthday  …  11


I’ve really enjoyed reading through my little book, and especially my life map.

For the life map, we were to write out and illustrate a map of our lives with the road beginning at birth and ending some time in the future. Here are the stops along my road as I envisioned them in Junior High.

November 30, 1984  I was born in Flagstaff, AZ

When I was 3 years old, my dad got cancer so my sister and I went to stay in NC with my grandparents.

When I was 5, I started school.

I stuck a key in an electrical outlet.

When I was 7, I moved to Tucson.

I met my best friend in second grade (Allison McCurdy).

In fourth grade I started playing softball.

I had my first BIG crush on a boy (4th grade).  *That’s right.  I did capitalize and underline the word big.  I also drew three little red hearts and one BIG one next to that stop along the road.

In fourth grade Allison moved to Mexico 😦

In fifth grade, I started band.

Sixth grade was my favorite teacher.  (Mrs. Spurr).

I moved up to ASA softball last year.

I went to honor band and All-state (6th grade)

My softball team (Tucson Pure Lightning) got 2nd in state.

My softball team went to regionals (we didn’t do so well).

I moved up to Seventh grade!!

I will (*yes – I’m predicting my future now… boy was I off) be valedictorian at CDO High School.  (they have a better Softball team than Mt. View)

I will get a full softball scholarship to U of A.

I will play Pro Softball for 6 years.

After retiring from Pro Softball I will be a journelist for the N.Y. Times.

In the year 2012, I will be asked to come to the Olympics.


Things that strike me as I read back over this: The irony of misspelling journalist, my love of parentheses has not diminished (although Mr. Morrill would have a conniption if he knew),  I capitalized softball illustrating the unhealthy value I placed on it, it reads a bit like a resume – why didn’t I think birthdays or family moments were worthy of the map,  I’d better get on that Olympics thing… I’ve still got over a year.  If only softball was still an Olympic sport.  *sigh*


4 thoughts on “My Life by Katie James

  1. aww i see. well i was noticing my affinity for exclamation points. sometimes i will write an email to someone and every sentence will end with an exclamation point. haha.

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