Brain Dump #14

I read something really cool just now about Google.  Click here to read the whole thing about morality and the internet, but the gist is that Google has announced that when anyone searches for information relating to suicide, they will be provided with info about helplines and whatnot.  Since they started doing this, there has been a 9% increase in calls to the National Suicide Provention Line.  Nice huh?

I took this from Shasta’s blog, which you can access here.  So True.

Dang it!  Nathan Bransford is no longer a literary agent!  He was definitely my #2 choice for my manuscript, and he’s done.  He’s still going to write his blog, which makes me super happy, but I want him to keep agenting.  How dare he make life choices without consulting me?

If magazine editors don’t know how to define plagiarism, what hope is there for the kiddos I teach?

Here’s your pic from NASA.  Evidently the guy on the left is a robonaut who will be doing work outside the spaceships so that our flesh and blood astronauts won’t be at risk.

Robonaut 2

One thought on “Brain Dump #14

  1. Katie,

    I freakin love the thing from Shasta’s blog. I also love the thing about google and suicide. One of my co workers does trainings on suicide prevention. I sent it to her. Very interesting! My favorite brain dump so far!!!!


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